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Added 10 pounds of muscle and now confused

So my last cycle I stacked 500 mg of equipoise with 1000 mg of testosterone
I added around 10 lb of muscle mass. definitely happy with the results I got
now my next step is to cut down a little bit. my stats are 30 years old and I am 5'7 and 185 lb. I think if I cut down to about 175 and drop my body fat to under 10% I would have a nice physique
Should my next step be trenbolone with masteron?
This cycle is backwards. Why would you run such low EQ and such high test? How many cycles have you done? At your size there is no way you need a gram of test.
If you are cutting now after your bloods look good you just need to run maybe 200mg /wk test to preserve muscle while you diet. Your only looking to lose 10lbs. If you don't go into a stupid deficit you'll have no issue maintaining muscle. Take 2 months to lose it while you let your body recover.
Are you a PCT guy or TRT?
Sgentz I agree with on this one that would be the correct way of doing things and being safe and smart about it.
Why add all that weight just to then try and cut all that weight? I get it, you gained more muscle and want to lose fat now but it is easier to just focus on gaining lean mass. You can avoid the bulk/cut roller coaster.
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