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    Muscle burger recipe?

    What do you think about the following muscle burger recipe? Its gonna be 1 pound of sirloin beef 2 eggs 4 crackers smashed or raw oats Diced onions and garlic Salt and pepper Make into a patty and slow cook on the grill for 20 minutes Flip once and cook on other side for 8 minutes Wrap in...
  2. V

    Upper body improvements with sarms

    I'm looking to get my upper body in better shape Currently 5’11’’ and 180 pounds My body fat is around 17% I don’t have too much muscle on my frame, but my legs are very strong because I used to do a lot of bicycling back in the day Was hoping that using sarms would be a good starter cycle for...
  3. A

    Anadrol for the ladies

    I'm currently in my mid twenties and I am interested in using anadrol I was reading some research out there and they were saying that some women have a history using anadrol when it first came out for muscle wasting I’m currently 5’5’’ and 125 pounds and looking to bulk up a bit. Any advice on...
  4. K

    Severe bout of E coli

    I went to chickFila and came home with Ecoli. I was up all night throwing up and my gf begged me to go to the ER but i wouldn’t listen. Finally 24 hours of throwing up and diarrhea i listened to her and went. They put me on meds and i ended up losing like 10 pounds What supplements can i start...
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    Cheapest food with highest calories/protein content?

    I'm not going to sugar coat it but I'm a college kid and I don't have much money lol I'm trying to gain muscle and bulk up my strategy right now is to eat whatever I can get my hands on. but I also want to keep my protein intake high to get the most bang for my buck Here is what my diet last...
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    Protein in a pill true or false?

    I'm currently getting around 150 to 160 g of protein per day from the online calculators I've seen I really need to be getting Closer to 250 or even 300 if I really want to start building muscle I was wondering if I could purchase some protein pills and get in the extra protein that way. I...
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    More muscle on female

    I have been focused on losing weight but I think I've lost too much and I took down a lot of muscle with me currently 46 years old but have been really lazy when it comes to weight training and just getting weight loss from diet alone. I would like to build back up and start training again at...
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    Injectable steroids with 1 oral

    50 years old 5 ft 11 in 182 lb 14% body fat I need to get more muscle on my frame and also cut body fat. I've been working really hard but I'm stuck at a plateau now I'm looking at using some testosterone 300 mg a week along with equipoise around 400 mg a week my only question is which oral...
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    muscle soreness and pain

    I tend to get muscle soreness and some pain around the joints just a tender feeling especially in my forearms on upper body day which supplement can help?
  10. Y

    8 week steroid run

    Gonna do a quick hit and run cycle for 8 weeks Testosterone propionate 50mgs a day Masteron propionate 75mgs EOD My question is which oral steroid should i throw in there and when ? kickstart or finisher? Goals are lean muscle mass and recomping I’m 6’1’’ 243 and 20% BODY FAT, 53 years old
  11. V

    Supplements daily

    What are your supplements you take daily? I’m 22 years old and want to start using them too but i want to be consistent and use them daily My goals: more muscle, less fat, and more energy
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    Alpha lion mass shredder stack

    Looking at the Alpha Lion mass shred stack which includes Super Muscle human and superhuman lemonade along with amino acids supposed to help me burn more calories while also putting on more muscle the whole thing cost 168 bucks do you think it's worth it or no
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    what if I used sarms here?

    I’m trying to lose some weight but also gain larger muscle mass I’m leaning towards a cycle like this: rad140 20mgs s23 20mgs yk11 15mgs 12 weeks will this work? I’m right at 60 kilos and 5’9’’
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    Ostarine sarms stack

    I’m looking to use something that is sarms but mild I think ostarine mk2866 might be the best one for me What is the difference between it and lgd4033? My plan was 25mgs for 12 weeks for general lean muscle mass I’m 28 and 199 pounds with 11% body fat
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    I want to improve my size

    looking to put on some more muscle size and mass 5’11’’ and 175 pounds. Never been more than 178 pounds 25 years old and 11% body fat I would guess which sarms stack should I try? Please give me 2 only
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    losing weight too fast

    I’m on a diet and losing a lot of weight super fast. I was wondering what advice would you give me so I don’t lose so much strength and muscle which supplements can help with this, I want to stay big and strong
  17. K

    Only eating meat 2x per week

    What do you think about only eating meat 2x per week What if i did it that way and just stuck to fruits and veggies the other 5x per week Do you think you would still be able to build muscle
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    growing muscle help steroids

    I am super skinny and need to put on muscle before I join the military this fall I’m 24 years old 5’11’’ 156 pounds I workout 6x per week but can’t put on muscle my friend used steroids and put on a lot of size which cycle would work best?
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    when to use creatine

    what part of the day is best to use creatine? How old should I be to use it? I’m only 21 do I run it for a certain number of weeks and then come off or do I stay on it year round? I want the best results looking to gain muscle and strength
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    Mixed messages on ostarine MK2866

    Ostarine mk2866 has a lot of opinions out there I have her that it can make you tired and others have said that it will not I've also heard that it's really good for helping with recovery and endurance While others have said that it's more better for lean muscle mass I’m 30 years old and...