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    Best weight gainers for skinny guy

    23 years old and just got out of graduate school and I would like to bulk up as I’m very skinny for my height. I’m barely 160 pounds and I’m six foot three inches! Not looking to use any hardcore things just some supplements for now. What are the best weight gainers that you can recommend for me...
  2. A

    SR + LGD stacked together

    currently 5’9’’ 175 pounds and 15% body fat what are the best ways to use SR and LGD together? Looking to recomp. I feel like I can cut down on some body fat while also gaining muscle mass I’m 22 years old. How many times a week can I train if I stack these two together as well can I train every...
  3. T

    help with muscle growth

    so I made some good progress over the past couple of years in the weight room and have gotten stronger and put on muscle mass. The problem is it’s been lean and you can’t really tell anything unless I take my shirt off. I was wondering what advice you have for me when it comes to muscle growth.
  4. C

    nutrobal + yk11 for a yin/yang stacking

    currently 27yrs old, 5x a week training and cardio 4x a week. My main concern is recovery and muscle and strength gains. I’m 207 pounds and six foot three inches. looking to do nutrobal and yk11 on my next stack. What do you think about using 15mgs of yk11 along with 25mgs of nutrobal. Also 4...
  5. N

    using a double or triple stack of sarms?

    In terms of value what would work better if you wanted to use sarms the choices are GW, ostarine, S4 and LGD that is the 4 my source recommends and sells should I use 2 of them or go for 3 instead? Goals are lean muscle mass I’m 38 years old, 4x a week training and 218 pounds at 6’5’’
  6. Z

    putting on major muscle mass with deca

    some of the bigger dudes I trained with who are in their 50s are all recommending I tried deca they said that it will grow my muscles and get me extremely strong they said to run 2CC’s of it per week. Not sure what that translated to when it comes to mg and was wondering if you could help me out...
  7. C

    female confused on dosing anavar

    I’m seeing a lot of information out there on using anavar but it’s very confusing to me I’m seeing those soon recommended from 5 mg all the way up to 100 mg reading a lot of literature on this steroid it seems like a lot of people got away with running much lower dosing than what’s recommended...
  8. J

    more tough sarms cycles

    I’m looking to toughen myself up and using sarm I’m too much of a wimp and I feel like my confidence needs to get better and I need to build some muscle I’m 21 years old and I am currently 158 pounds and 6 foot tall I’ve heard good things on S23 and RAD a friend of mine ran both and he put on...
  9. A

    lean mass on sarms

    23 years old, 200 pounds, and six foot three inches I’m looking to gain some lean muscle mass using sarm Sr 9009, g w, and S4 are the ones that I’m most interested in I was thinking of doing the SR at 25 mg a day three times a day and then doing the GW at 20 mg a day and the S4 at 25 milligrams...
  10. W

    Added 10 pounds of muscle and now confused

    So my last cycle I stacked 500 mg of equipoise with 1000 mg of testosterone I added around 10 lb of muscle mass. definitely happy with the results I got now my next step is to cut down a little bit. my stats are 30 years old and I am 5'7 and 185 lb. I think if I cut down to about 175 and drop my...
  11. N

    Need more muscle on my frame

    I’m a skinny guy 5’8’’ and lean. Probably like 140 pounds Guys make fun of me all the time but i don’t care. I’m only 22 years old What Are going to be the best supplements I can start taking to start building more muscle and strength in the gym. I would like to bulk up maybe 15 or 20 lb. a...
  12. G

    How to boost protein conversion and lower shbg

    I am doing a lot of reading online and it seems to be generally accepted that you need to increase the amount of protein you're taking in to build muscle and you also have to decrease SHBG in the body too to allow growth With that said which supplement will do the best job of doing both?
  13. A

    Top bodybuilder foods to gain real muscle mass

    What are going to be the top bodybuilder foods to gain real muscle mass that aren't that well known that you have in your arsenal? I already know about the normal stuff oatmeal, potatoes, bananas, eggs, rice, chicken, fish, avocados, beef etc What are some other off the wall bodybuilder foods...
  14. W

    A couple options on my next cycle

    so I have a couple different options that I want you to take a look at before I start my first cycle I'm 26 years old 5'11 and I weigh 207 lb. my body fat is around 15% . if I can lose some body fat and I can gain some muscle and strength that would be all I wanted My options are Testosterone...
  15. I

    Crazy question about supplements to kill pain

    So basically I have two reasons for wanting to take a supplement to help with pain relief first off my workouts are really intense and I usually go over an hour. if I'm not in pain by the end of my workouts I usually am that night or the next day. rather than take a Tylenol I would like to take...
  16. N

    Muscle burger recipe?

    What do you think about the following muscle burger recipe? Its gonna be 1 pound of sirloin beef 2 eggs 4 crackers smashed or raw oats Diced onions and garlic Salt and pepper Make into a patty and slow cook on the grill for 20 minutes Flip once and cook on other side for 8 minutes Wrap in...
  17. V

    Upper body improvements with sarms

    I'm looking to get my upper body in better shape Currently 5’11’’ and 180 pounds My body fat is around 17% I don’t have too much muscle on my frame, but my legs are very strong because I used to do a lot of bicycling back in the day Was hoping that using sarms would be a good starter cycle for...
  18. A

    Anadrol for the ladies

    I'm currently in my mid twenties and I am interested in using anadrol I was reading some research out there and they were saying that some women have a history using anadrol when it first came out for muscle wasting I’m currently 5’5’’ and 125 pounds and looking to bulk up a bit. Any advice on...
  19. K

    Severe bout of E coli

    I went to chickFila and came home with Ecoli. I was up all night throwing up and my gf begged me to go to the ER but i wouldn’t listen. Finally 24 hours of throwing up and diarrhea i listened to her and went. They put me on meds and i ended up losing like 10 pounds What supplements can i start...
  20. G

    Cheapest food with highest calories/protein content?

    I'm not going to sugar coat it but I'm a college kid and I don't have much money lol I'm trying to gain muscle and bulk up my strategy right now is to eat whatever I can get my hands on. but I also want to keep my protein intake high to get the most bang for my buck Here is what my diet last...
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