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90 days from me break my plateau

*Progress Report 8/26*

Clocked in at 170 this morning. Cardazol showing up already! That’s 14lbs lost since 6/5 and 7lbs of which since we started our project here.

I only do 4 days a week and I'm huge. No reason u can't do it. It doesn't take 6 to 7 days a week. Thsts a moron and over training g
Gents - I have a 9hr drive on Thursday and then back on Monday. Once I arrive I’ll have access to a kitchen and I can take protein shakes with me and get nuts for car snacking. But need suggestions on other meals. Do y’all pack lunches for long road drives and eat cold or do you hit like a chipotle for a protein/legume bowl or something?
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