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90 days from me break my plateau

i like this overall but im thinking your diet doesnt have enough healthy fats
how much fats you adding? i dont see nuts in there no flaxseed no fish oil etc

Absolutely! I have a kitchen full of nuts. It's my go to snack. If I get a bad craving during off fast window I grab a handful or two to tide me over. I take a daily and omega-3's every day. Some extra magnesium, VitC, horny goatweed, and black cherry for inflammation reduction. I additionally take a daily serving, split between first and last prot. shake of L-Citrulline, L-Lysine, and L-Proline. I have flaxseed meal - not sure how to incorporate that - I was using it in homemade oatmeal/protein brownies.
Besides hard training, consider adding NATURAL sarms replacements:
OSTAZOL-booster of TEST and strength
NUTROZOL-booster of HGH, sleep/recovery aid
CARDAZOL-booster of cardio, stamina, energy, FAT loss
Appreciate the recs on the alternate movements bud. I actually have an MRI scheduled for later this month. I've done cortisone about once every 3 years for about a decade. Ortho recommended MRI this time and said it may be time to get it scopped. We'll see...

A lot of my clients have dealt with shoulder injuries, pretty common
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