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90 days from me break my plateau

***Progress Report 9/12***

Just a quick and dirty update here... Packed lunches for the drive down and back and escaped my "bachelor party" (football tailgate) largely unscathed.

Bit of a bad week for lifting/cardio last week due to work and travel. Did get a few cardio sessions in, but only one lifting day. Back on a normal schedule starting today.

Clocked in at 167.9lbs this morning. I'll try to snap a pic this week, but I don't see much change from 170 (nor would I expect it).

Let's say "summer break" has ended at work, and things are about to pick up big time the next 3 weeks (4 weeks until wedding). I might have to adjust routine somewhat and will lean more toward cardio if I have to choose between cardio and lifting on any given day. Made some slight adjustments to diet plan over the weekend for the last 4 weeks. Looking to drop additional fat, so I will switch up lunch meal from burger patty to chicken breast, and may drop the boiled eggs. This should reduce fats to about 48g/day rather than 60g/day with only a slight calorie drop.

Home stretch boys! If you have any final advice for these last few weeks, please let me know. Thanks!

lets keep eating clean

advice? i would say keep going eating clean and cardio and keep updating us where you're at
While workouts are necessary, better results you will get with correct dieting, less carbs, more meet and veggies, intermittent fasting
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