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you won't go wrong using these guys. great service too
The para pharma difference is something you need to experience for you to fully understand what I felt and what I know, is A+ on all deals and fronts I definitely recommend them highly.
Since Sept 26. I have a case file going with Cash App for the Bitcoin transaction but they are slow, I will settle this shit with UKfreak and will know my Bitcoin address as well, never needed it before, you just buy you bitcoin and scan your order with the Bitcoin Cash app except this time with these guy's
all the messages say are Support@UKFreak , it would be nice if a rep or customer service would step up

Hello mate, have not seen your posts. Glad it was resolved but just to chime in quickly:

1) The transaction ID, obviously we need it to know you've paid. Even on our check out page or BTC instructions, it was informed that we'd need the TX ID once payment has been sent. Also, if it's not possible to find, we always ask for the screnshot showing you've paid and that's it. That shouldn't be a problem on your end. Even finding the TX ID is so easy with CashApp - our instructions even instruct where to find it within CashApp. You even have a direct button to open it in block explorer, as it mentions in the messages as well. I am sure all of that was shared with you, and if you disagree, I please send me a PM and I'll check your order to see if everything was as it should've been.

We have Touch Down, order recieved , Thank You UGFreak and all of you guy's
Judging by this, it was quickly resolved and quickly delivered as well :) our pleasure! Enjoy your order. Hopefully we'll see a TD pic.
Excellent seeing it get resolved for you and the Para Pharma difference is something you need to feel and experience for yourself, my 12 week log on EF made me a complete believer in how quality and clean Para Pharma Is and how fucking awesome id đź’Ş A+ on all fronts can't back or say enough great things about Ugf
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