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3 month female stack

10mgs a day tbol
10mgs a day of winstrol
Half a ML of primo injection 2-3x per week
Do you think it would be okay to stack things together like this. I am taking NAC supplements and also i am 155 pounds and 5’10’’ 35 years old

Unfortunately I have lots of questions before I could give you any of my ideas.

1. Have you taken tbol, winstrol, and primo before on an individual basis?

2. What other steroids have you taken if any?

3. What is the goal you are shooting for? (Competition - if so what type of competition and division) (Personal appearance or something else?)

4. What is your time line? Do you need to get ready for a competition in 6 months or is this just a long term quest you are on that progress can span years?)

Just some closing notes: As a female I would stay as far away from Tbol as possible. I would also say for you to use only one steroid at a time until you figure out how each individual steroid affects you. Also you need to figure out the minimum steroid dosage that gives you results, results don't double by taking twice as much! Also you should go get some blood tests done that let you know your current levels of testosterone and estrogen, plus some other health markers that will help.