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switching at end of cycle always a bad idea dont switch gear ever
+LOG ASAP we waiting
Npp is that 200mgs/ml same question for test? how about your diet training in detail? please please share a LOG asap
@ching123 welcome to EF. @dylangemelli is right 24 is young for steroids but since you already started I don't see what we can do except to help you.

First,do NOT use trenbolon at your age, it will have a bad hormonal impact and hard to recover. NPP and testosterone is fine and don't switch after 10 weeks.
second, your doses are NOT clear. 0.7npp .7test enan, what dose is this in MG? what are you using 200mgs of each? or how much?

Lastly, @ching123 you need to post your LOG journal on EF so we can help you. Your diet training cardio supplements are key to your success.

If you want us to really guide you, and we have 100s of years of experience between us, you need to post a LOG Journal with your diet, training details. If you don't log what you eat or train now, open NOTES on phone and start recording it there and paste here. Very easy.

Please post a Log Journal asap for us

Please click the anabolic forum
top RIGHT, you see: +POST THREAD
click that

in Title: write your cycle name, like> My _____ Cycle Log
___ = the name of your log
example: My testosterone NPP cycle Log
in body: write your planned cycle or cycle you doing now, your diet, training and we will help you along on your cycle

here are examples of LOG Journals
Appreciate the advise and time you've taken to reply I'm rushing it now I understand how silly I was been and the stuff mg I'm using is NPP 150mg and Test E 350mg from crown pharma really good stuff in my opinion, I'll add a log just now thanks
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