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Approved Log 2024 Para Pharma Testosterone Primobolan Equipoise Tbol Contest Prep Log

Saturday March 2 2024

Before I start here are photos top photo is what both my biceps normally look like, bottom photo is what happened after left side delt injection, an how it looks now and healed after 7 days of antibiotics.

I have explained everything in grewt detail, sorry for the super long post, had alot i was dealing with.

my mind is mentally fucked up right now and i got to regroup and foucs, im so upset at myself and hate myself alot lately for making this stupid fucking blunder, can only blame myself, i ak sorry for letting the sponsor down and all of you down.

Call me soft call me a pussy call me whatever I don't care, this is me being 100% transparent and opening myself up for all of you and giving you ebeey aspect of myself and personality and how I truly am feeling and thinking right now. I feel it'd important inlet it all fly, very therapeutic in a way for me.

i am a super passionate person so this sucks and hurts me alot, i am not afraid to admit that at all.

I hold myself to an extremely high standard and I've failed badly, only thing to do now is dust myself off get my mind right and come back with vengeance.






Hello everyone I hope all is well for all of you today.

Some of you might be wondering why I fell off and stopped updating everything abruptly.

I had a major setback that required me going into urgent care and getting on antibiotics for my setback. Good news is the antibiotics worked excellent. Bad news I got sick half way through the antibiotics, like full on sick I have been miserable these last 3 weeks.

I want to put a disclaimer up before I go any further, this is in no way or shape para pharmas fault I love para pharma I will continue to always use para pharma gear it is my goto brand always!

also this is in no way or shape fault he has been nothing short of supportive of me and helping me nd being very kind and generous with his time and his products to help me. I will never forget that and i will always support him and his brand and his gear is 100% A+++.

Come fucking hell or high water I will find a way to make this fucking cycle a success I don't care how little I have ti run or how I need to design the cycle, I won't fail a second time!

I'm more pissed off I failed myself and my sponsor along with the community then I am about the God damn situation I put my body into by myself with my own doing.

Loyalty is a huge thing for me and UGF was the first person to take a chance on me and sponsor me not once nut twice now back 2 back, so I am fucking irate I let UGF and Quadsweep down.

I feel like a pos at the moment because of that and my failing as a man right now I absolutely hate letting oth3re down especially the ones who support and believe in me.

i want to let it be known this is 100% my fault and i take 100% of the blame and the accountability for what has happened to me.

I am still learning everyday and i will make mistakes along the way. This time I made a huge mistake and took on more than i was ready for or could handle. The good thing is I can teach others from my mistake and first hand experience and prevent this happening to someone else so that is a win in my book with lessons learned.

I went high concentrations on all compounds thinking less oil less pip less injections, it is completely the other way around lower concentration less pip and truth be told I'd rather injection mote pip at lower mg amounts then higher concentrations because the BA in the compounds are much more than I am used to or can handle right now.

This is me coming to all of you as a man and admitting my mistakes my fuck up and me taking 100% of the blame because this is on me not UGF or Para Pharma

Infact once i get better and heal up I will still he utilizing my para pharma gear and finding a way to do UGF justice and provide the type of log I am capable of and improving myself.

I apologize to UGF and the community for the lack of updates because I put myself in this stupid position putting to much oil into the delt, I've tried every method of hearing the gear just to point that out.

i will post photos of what my biceps normally look like and what my left bicep looked like after the left side delt injection.

still strange i did a right side delt injection same week and had zero issues so i can't explain what i did wrong here.

I've done IM injections in my side delts plenty of times never once had an issue or problem arise from utilizing my delts.

This time was different, I was pumping gas after work one night and started uncontrollably shaking and getting the chills hot flashes skin felt like it was oh fire ( first time I've experienced test flu which is what that was, after a few days I was fine)

Fast forward a few days after that test flu incident I noticed my right bicep was hot like a furnace, I could just feel the radiant heat coming off that part of my body, I thought nothing of it. Then few days after that started my entire Tricep and bicep was beat red like a sun burn ontop of swelling the likes I had never seen before.

I iced it daily I used a heating pad among ibuprofen nothing was working it was only getting worse. I am on day 7 the final day with one dose left for the antibiotics.

All swelling pain, heat and redness is now gone and my bicep has returned to its normal shape, I was really worried because biceps are my best feature, and I was thinking worse case in my head about not being able to compete because my bicep is now fucked up.

The culprit here is the test e at 400mg/ml my body just rejects it and doesn't like it at all, so I'm ditching it and redoing the cycle completely.

I have tbol on hand so I might run 40mg of that for 6 weeks along side 150mg a week of test and 100mg of primo just for now.

I must do mote testing and rule everything out before we go back into 400mg of primo and higher doses. So we start low and slow and work out way up and see if we can save the cycle.

Luckily I found a 10ml vial of test cyp that is 150mg/ml So for now we run that, goal is by the 3-4 week mark if body is handling everything we go back into 400mg a week of primo.

Also I'm going to be switching from 25g inch syringe and start using 23g 1.5in needle and go as deep as I can into the muscle and see if it makes a difference better or worse for my situation.

Going to attempt my first ever rear glute injections once im not sick anymore z I've never done glute injections before only ventro glutes by the hip, so I am bit worried and nervous because I have no idea how to do rear glute injections.

Right now im very tired, weak body aches joint pains tired coughing congested etc the whole gammit of things for being sick I got it atmz which was probably the antibiotics that did it, I've been taking probiotics and drinking lemon ginger tea few times a day with locally sourced natural honey for a sweetener.

Enjoy the update everyone

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