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2 questions on my cycle

My stats first off:
14% bf
Bloodwork pre cycle normal, but my DHEA is a bit low
I’m currently cruising on 180mgs a week tesoterone with some adex
Looking to stack in test Cyp around 450mgs a week with double the adex
I also might add in anavar and winstrol but not sure on that. Should i just pick 1 to kickstart the cycle or should i focus more on ending it?
My pct is going to be n2guard, aromasin, nolvaex, and clomid
bro need to add in tren, get dhea up
I would only run 400mg total test bro and hit winny or anavar at the end once oyu get BF down some more..
I would go with anavar. Winny is best when you are super lean so I think you would get more out of var on this run. Save the winny for if you get to 10% or so body fat.
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