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  1. H

    What do you think about my four-day split below

    I’m 25 years old and I’m trying to figure out the best strategy for me going forward to build up a nice body I came up with a four-day split routine and I’m wondering what you guys thought about it sunday: chest/triceps monday back/biceps tuesday off Wed legs thursday off friday abs, calves and arms
  2. A

    split routine thoughts?

    I have been training for 2 years during full body exercises and I was reading in a magazine about split routines, what do you think about this one below? Day 1: biceps and back day 2: triceps and chest day 3: legs and abs would this work for a 23 year old?
  3. G

    Is this too much training

    Today I went and did my bi’s and my triceps to the point where they were burning and completely exhausted. I was barely able to drive home my arms hurt so much. I want to go back again tomorrow and my question is do you think it would be too much to have a deadlift and bench day after what I did...
  4. Z

    Biceps and triceps same day?

    I was watching a show on TV about weight training, kind of like a reality show. And the lady in it who was competing was working out her arms both biceps and triceps in the same day. I thought you weren't supposed to do this because they were pushing vs. pulling muscles and it's better to work...
  5. H

    horseshoe triceps with peak

    I seem to build up my triceps very easily but they don’t have that cool horseshoe look that I see with others in the gym. Maybe bad genetics or something else? Could it be the way I train them? I do a lot of bench press and I do rope tricep extensions. What other types of tricep routines do...
  6. K

    What do you all think about my weekly work-out?

    I focus on one muscle group per day- note I am female. Biceps- Standing Barbell curls Alternating Barbell curls Hammer Curl Supinated Bent Rows Chin ups 10X4 Back- Pull ups Deadlifts Lat Pull Down Bar Standing Pulldowns Bent Over Rows Barbell Shrugs Seated Cable Row Chest- Bench Press...
  7. J

    elbow/tricep/bicep ache (both arms) WHY ?

    Roughly 4 months ago, while doing rope pull downs I partially tore my left tricep tendon, right where the tricep connects to the elbow (the medial head). Obviously it was a sharp pain, but at the moment I didn't even really consider what the injury was. I even tried to finish the workout but...
  8. P

    Need help with building bigger triceps!!

    Hi, I'll give you the low down first; I'm an Ecto-meso as I've noticed that my chest and back react quickly to weight training but my triceps and shoulders in particular don't. I have started to eat alot of food to try and put on mass. I was wondering what kind of rep range and amount of...
  9. Discreet User

    Weighted Dips

    Where do you personally feel more sore after doing weighted dips, chest or triceps?
  10. future

    Need To Build Bigger Arms?

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