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    Hip issues when I squat

    Whenever I am doing some heavy squats I start feeling some hip issues coming on. Cracking and pain coming from my hips and it's deep Can you give me some supplements that can help with this issue I don't want to feel this pain anymore
  2. C

    Belt thickness ideas

    I’m starting to lift super heavy and want to get a belt What would be the proper thickness i should get. 10MM too much? Or should i get 8MM? These would be used on my squats and deadlifts
  3. E

    Bodybuilding routine thoughts?

    what are your thoughts on the following bodybuilding routine for someone who is coming back from a long time off? 4 sets warm up 3 sets pullups 3 sets squats 2 sets lower legs 4 sets chest 2 sets deadlifts Stretching after for 10 minutes how long should I follow this routine before I can...
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    Bigger hips from steroids

    I started dating this guy and he's into women who have wide hips. I've taken into doing a lot of squats. I do them pretty much every time I go to the gym. I am doing five or six sets minimum each time if I were to add steroids here would I get my hips growing as well as the rest of my...
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    Simplifying leg day

    What do you guys think about simplifying leg day and just doing one lift at a time like how about I just do squats 20 sets Or another day i might just do deadlifts Or another day i might just do lunges? is this a good strategy or will I just be shooting myself in the leg no pun...
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    momentum lifting

    been seeing a lot of videos online and dudes at the gym doing momentum lifting. Like with rows swinging their arms back and forth and when squats not pausing during their lifts. Does this make sense? Anyway what do you think about this training style, they say it has merit
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    compound lifts to pick from

    I am new to weight training and would like to start with compound lifting I read online about a few that are good I’m 21 years old and weigh 220 pounds, body fat is around 22% which would be okay for a new guy? Bench press squats deadlifts rows
  8. K

    Shin splints while doing leg work

    I developed really bad shin splints when I was in prison and we used to run on concrete. I did my time like a man and when I got released I continue my workout Journey now I am dealing with them again but this time it's when I do leg work with weights. it's weird but calf raises and even...
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    Do you use the pad to do squats

    I experienced some neck pain when I do squats with the bar touching my back of shoulders there is that pad thing that you can put on the bar that will provide some padding so I don't have a bar jammed up against my body while I'm doing them the issue is do I look like an idiot by doing this or...
  10. N

    3 day split routine check

    Please check this and let me know what you think all these lifts are going to be 8X8, 8 sets and 8 reps close to failure Sunday Dips and Curls Tuesday Squats and lower legs Thursday Bench and pullups
  11. 6

    olympic style lifting

    do you think it is okay to do olympic style lifting everyday? Just doing cleans, clean and jerks, bench press, squats, deadlifts. Nothing else. Or is that too much stress on the body where I could get injured.
  12. A

    Getting motivated for leg day

    I absolutely hate leg day to the point where sometimes I skip it. It is really hard on my body and I get sore afterwards especially my upper legs near my grind. How do you get hyped up for leg day? Deadlifts and squats just take everything out of me like I've been punched
  13. J

    Why do people lift barefoot?

    I've noticed the past year more and more people working out at my gym who take their shoes off especially with things like squats and deadlifts. Is there something that they've learned off of social media where some Guru told him to do this or is it something else going on. What are the...
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    Back and squat routine

    Had an idea for a new routine and wanted to run it by you guys. What do you think about starting my workout with seated rows lateral pull downs Squats Bent over rows and drop sets and then lunges to finish do you think this is a good workout for me or should I try something else, I'm looking to...
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    quick results After years off

    can someone explain something to me. I'm not new to weight training and I had put in 15 years. I also put up some impressive lifts going up over 550 lbs and squats. I stopped working out for 10 years due to a marriage divorce and raising kids as a single father. Now I'm back in the gym and I'm...
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    Learning how to box squat properly

    My form isn't that good with squatting so someone said to try box squats. Do I have to get one of those squat suits with the straps or can I just do them without. Someone mentions about something called Groove briefs? also what are you doing if I don't have access to an actual box do you just...
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    Wearing a belt to weight training?

    Over the past 6 months I've increase how much weight I'm doing on my lifts specifically my squats and deadlifts. I see guys in my gym which is pretty hardcore using belts and I'm the only one without one so I feel kind of naked. What kind of belt do I need to look for and how much do you think...
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    Twice a week weights

    Right now I'm working 2 jobs and finishing up my degree so I can only workout twice a week do you think that this is going to work ? I was thinking of splitting up my days into a pulling day and a pushing day including legs so I would do squats on my push day and deadlifts on my pull day . Can...
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    most you ever squatted

    Looking to hear some stories about most you ever squatted and want to see who the strongest guy on the forum with squats, especially want to hear from mobster, I’m sure he benches cars. My current record is 225 pounds, don’t laugh at me but I am very new to this. I only weigh 130 pounds so I...
  20. J

    avoding squats and still 5X5?

    Is it even plausible to do a 5X5 program without including squatting or is this ridiculous? my issue is my knees and neck. When i squat both hurt a lot. I think i have a couple discs that are herniated so i gotta be careful, and my knees feel like they are cracking. I was in a car accident a...
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