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Need an amazing sports bra for my huge boobs... recommendations


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Hey Ladies!

I'm pretty new to EF, and am still on the early part on my healthy eating/working out plan, but have managed to lose 20lbs since Jan... the problem is what I want to do is get into more high impact sports n things, but as I am a 38DD, high impact causes unsightly and distracting jiggling and pain. Any of you ladies have a good brand that you can recommend that will basically render them immobile? I'm not in a big city, so I will probably order off the internet, and money is no object if it will do what I want it to!! Thanks a lot girls!! :dance2:
I can't speak from experience since, sadly, that's never been a problem for me. I actually googled "what is the most supportive sports bra for large breasts" and got this:

Sports Bras for a Big Bust

The Enell 100 looks bulletproof, and if you click on it, you go to a web site called "her room" that recommends some other pretty solid looking bras.

No matter what, since every woman is different you're probably going to have to try a few. Something that works for one woman might not for another.

What did we ever do before the internet?
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