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  1. I

    Anadrol 25ml Bulk cycle

    So i want to know about Anadrol i know 25ml is going to be a effective dose for what i want but will it be suppresiv(100% it will but) how much(this is the main Question). And what can i expect whit this Steroid at this dose cuz not a lot of people talk about it only like what's gonna happen on...
  2. I

    How often can i take orals(anavar)

    So hi guys I'm new and i have a Q. How often in a year can i take orals(Anavar). First cycle was 12weeks anavar only 20mg's a day(and before you say about how long or the small dose i got super results lots of gainz and i'm fine did blood work during and after everything is okey). How long can i...
  3. Wolf123

    endless hiccups, heartburn and insomnia

    Hey guys, I'd like some input on my current cycle and sides I'm seeing. I'm 47, male, 225lbs. I've been lifting for 30 years and this is roughly my 10th cycle. I am using Innovagen product which I have found to be of extraordinary quality. I'm doing 4 pins a week, each 100mg TrenA and 100mg...
  4. P

    Var/Tbol Cycle Input

    I am looking for some input on my first cycle. But first the important stuff: 6'5"/195 cm 205lbs/34.5 kg 12% BF 27 yo I've been lifting for 7 years but have stayed on the lighter side because I competed in endurance races and played sports. Also my metabolism has been through the roof so...
  5. D

    What Happened to Pyramids lots of Test/Dbol/Winn Stack Questions

    Hopefully the experts will chime in but its been 10 years since my last cycle and things seem to have changed especially in the how a cycle is stacked....What happened to pyramids? 10 years ago a cycle of sust 250, dbol, var, and was a group of overlapping pyramids with the dbol coming in fast...
  6. Ajaxx


    Hey everyone I need some advice on my first AAS cycle. Stats: 6'1" about 230 and ~ 13%BF. I lift religiously 4 days a week for the last year or so and have no plans to stop. I will be heading back to school next week and begin a cutting cycle with some Clen I have ordered, but that is not what I...
  7. Ajaxx

    First Cycle

    :D Hi everyone, just need some advice. First off I am 6'1" and 233 lbs ~13%BF and 19 years old (too young I know so spare me). I also have lifted religiously 4 days a week for the last year or so and have no plans to stop. I will be heading back to school next week and begin a cutting cycle with...
  8. C

    Probiotics and Orals - Seems Never Answered

    I suppose this question is across the board for dbol, anavar, turnibol, anadrol - AND PROHORMONES. I just got a bottle of superflexx II that i watched a friend put on 15 pounds in a month and want to know if I should take my probiotics with the prohormones for increased absorption? What about...
  9. M

    three Oral Only cycles

    So first off... spare me the "test is best" crap. I get it and I agree. That's not why I posted. I get that this is a bad idea and I'm not doing it. I'm just interested in finding out some information. It is hypothetical. With that said, what if a person did 3 oral only cycles. It would...
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