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  1. N

    Do i need legs to build upper body?

    I was reading some stuff that you need to build up your legs by building up your upper body and vice versa but I was talking to a friend of mine and he rarely ever works his legs and he's really thick upstairs his biceps are huge and he has a wide chest he says he only does his legs once every 2...
  2. F

    momentum lifting

    been seeing a lot of videos online and dudes at the gym doing momentum lifting. Like with rows swinging their arms back and forth and when squats not pausing during their lifts. Does this make sense? Anyway what do you think about this training style, they say it has merit
  3. D

    what happens if I don’t get sore?

    I had a friend tell me that if you don’t get sore after aworkout it means you didn’t work hard enough do you think this is true or is it just a bunch of broscience nonsense? I had spent a good 90 minutes lifting and did atleast 22 setsin total so I’m confused
  4. P

    broken leg and lifting

    has anyone ever had a broken leg and still lifted? I have made so much progress and now this has happened. Would lifting my upper body alone be a smart strategy, it will be about 3 months till I can make a comeback.
  5. 1

    Healing back from deadlifting?

    I am recovering from a lot of back pain that I've suffered through. I've been to every doctor you can imagine and I got a little bit better over the span of six months but still never 100%. They said there was nothing wrong and i went ahead and started lifting again. It's been about 2 weeks and...
  6. B

    any one else start jogging?

    With the weather warming up I’m sure most of you are venturing outdoors again, I want to get back into running. But haven’t really done it before. Anyone have any advice on how I can implement it in my routine? I am currently lifting 3X per week consistent. Should I run on non lifting days...
  7. J

    should I lift when sore?

    Hey I had a question about soreness and weight training. I have changed up my workouts and upped my volume, the results are coming in fast and furious now. I am very happy. However I notice with this much weight training reps I get sore. Should I lift even if the soreness is there or take the...
  8. C

    changing lifting style on steroids

    Hey I had a quick question about how you guys change your workouts on steroids. I am going to be running my first cycle ever and very excited. I have been training for about 10 years and am 28. never used any PED’s before. My workouts have been mostly strength training, haven’t really done...
  9. A

    Music while training

    What kind of music do you listen to while lifting/running/training? Or if you listen at all?
  10. O

    Asking for help.Long story!

    Hello ,this is my first time here for many years. I'm a life-long lifter who has been for the most part natural. I started lifting and working out in the 80's in my mid to late teens. Back then we all listened to Arnold and read M&F for our bb needs. I lifted very heavy and trained 3-6 times per...
  11. I

    Test 400 Help

    Hey! I just got a new bottle of test 400 and I'm a newbie when it comes to the stuff, but it is from a trusted friend. A picture of the bottle is attached but pretty unclear. It says it's from Hi Test Labs, Test 400. Each mL containing 100mg Propionate, 150 mg Enanthate, 150 mg Cypionate, with...
  12. C

    Paleo while bulking

    6'3 194.8 lbs 12.5 bmi I am currently 21 years old and about 6 months off of a surgery called Tommy John surgery. The dreaded surgery of a pitcher! I play college baseball in Texas and have taken my rehab very serious as I see this as a way to strengthen areas that I was weak on and work on...
  13. lteezy52

    Need Some Serious Help And Advice!!

    Just a little background.. Im 5'10, weight 209, BF%12 and i go to the gym everyday with a one day break here and there. I take lifting pretty fucking serious and im just tryna get bigger. So heres the deal a friend of mines gave me some Test Prop, Test E, and Dbol to take and said how much...
  14. R

    *MCL injury while running epi with joint support*

    I slightly tore my MCL (ligament in knee) a month ago I'm able to walk on it again but my cardio and legs have taken a toll from reduced use. What do you guys think about running an upper body only epistrong cycle with forged joint support and cycle support? Squats will be totally out of the...
  15. K

    Need help please, first ProHormone ever taken.

    My friend has taken a couple of cycles of Trenavar and has had really good results from it. He then gave me a bottle to try. I know I should of done far more research and was stupid in starting it w/o more research done, but I did anyways. Didn't realize there was so much involved with it...
  16. N

    bicep curl science

    Hey all, so i been lifting on and off for about 6 years or more so im not exactly new to this but i had a question about bicep curls. So i'd say for the last 2 years or so, i have been doing standing bicep curls with either dumbells or a barbell but for some reason i stopped getting the huge...
  17. L

    Need Answers/Advice - Aesthetic + Athletic

    Hi all, I've been here before looking for advice, and received some knowledgable information that was much appreciated. I have since implemented a few bits of a pieces of the stuff I was told, but have since adjusted my routines and diets in order to enhance my training. I'm looking for...
  18. C

    Could I have some tips and suggestions?

    I just recently decided I wanted to start working out some. My goals are both strength and size. I'm 19 years old, 5'10", very lean athletic body, about 135 lbs on heavier weeks. I picked up one of the Gold's Gym Spacesaver 25 lb Singles. It's a dumbell that switches from 5-25 lbs in 5 lb...
  19. Kingfeade2

    Back to Back Quads

    Hey guys, I know its never a good idea to workout a body part two days in a row hard... but while you guys are "on" do you ever do it... or is it still a bad idea.... did 8 sets of 12 on leg extensions heavy.... and i dont feel it now... i wanna hit em again... Good or Bad Idea
  20. Hellawulf

    My college Routine - advice wanted

    Its been a while since I've been on but currently I'm 6'2", 188 pounds. I'm also currently doing Ju Jitsu 3xs a week, Yoga once a week, swimming 12-20 laps 3xs a week then going to the gym and doing push ups, pull ups, and sit ups then running 1.5 miles trying to get progressively faster...