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  1. J

    How to run sarms most effectively?

    So I was one of the first people to run sarms around 8-10 years ago so i have the most experience you will find. I have found several strategies to get the most out of sarms cycles Always run them higher than people say to. This will yield better results. Example don’t run S4 50mgs, run it...
  2. N

    Which 2 sarms are best?

    what would you recommend for someone who is 5'9 75 Kg and 25 years old who is using sarms for the first time but has used 3 cycles of steroids in the past? My goals are simple: more muscle and less fat I’m looking to use something like GW or SR9009 + either RAD or LGD. I'm just confused at which...
  3. M

    Week 4 of 8 weeks sarms cycle

    Looking to make some changes to my current sarm cycle I'm on week 4 and I was planning on going 8 weeks the problem is that I am on rad140 and I'm on lgd together 25 mg each per day I'm not seeing any type of fat loss just growing muscle and some strength improvements. would like to increase my...
  4. K

    I’m using lgd4033 with sr9009. My thoughts

    Hello fellow PED users I’m 6’7’’ and 219 pounds. Lean and built good. Not sure on body fat but its probably 12-15% area Lifting for 12 years and i’m 27 years old I’m using lgd4033 20mgs a day And i’m also using sr9009 Its a good stack so far. But i’m not seeing as much results as i had hoped 4...
  5. J

    How to bulk with LGD properly

    37 years old and I weigh 85 kg and I'm 6 ft 5 in I think I can put on 5 to 10 kg over the next year or so but I want to do it correctly and keep my body fat low How much lgd4033 would you recommend for me and what would you stack with it? I'm also eating in a caloric surplus of about 300...
  6. B

    Smashing the weights with anavar as a female?

    I’m looking to try anavar oxandrolone as a female I’m 44 years old 5’0’’ and 95 pounds I can currently bench the bar and 15 pounds on each side. Never used steroids, just used lgd before Would 10mgs a day anavar be good or is it too much considering how much I weigh
  7. K

    Just using GW and lgd?

    what are you guys think about just using gw cardarine 50mgs a day Along with lgd4033 25mgs a day I'm 330 lb and my goal is to cut down. I also don't want to lose any strength in the process I'm 6'4 and my body fat is pretty high my training program is going to be 3 to 4 times a week weight...
  8. E

    Debating proper lgd dose

    one of my objectives is going to be avoiding suppression. this is why I'm going to forgo using anabolic steroids and instead I'm going to go with sarms I'm debating whether to use lgd4033 at 5 mg or 10 mg a day. if I increase the those higher will it cause more suppression or is that just bro...
  9. K

    Lgd4033 and sr9009 stack

    I’m interested in trying an lgd4033 and sr9009 stack together this time Its gonna be for someone who is new to crossfit Heard some good things about these 2 from guys there who don’t want to use gw cause of the cancer risk They say to dose 20mgs lgd and 30mgs sr but split up the dose What is...
  10. A

    Finishing up 8 weeks of LGD

    So I'm about to finish my lgd 4033 cycle I was on 25 mg a day and I did it for about 8 weeks. I'm right at the 8-week Mark right now and I'm thinking about either stopping it and switching to something else or adding in ostarine mk2866 the reason for this is my elbow has been bothering me and...
  11. J

    Sarms for females, cycling them

    I need to learn how to cycle sarms as a female I’m 5’5’’ and 135 pounds. Looking for lean gains and strength improvements My plan is gw cardarine and lgd4033 for 4 weeks Then switching the lgd for maybe rad140 Is there anything wrong with this? I am following a 15 to 20 set routine. And am doing...
  12. L

    Not sure how to use LGD here

    I’m not quite sure the best way to use LGD4033 here I haven’t used it in like Five or six years so not sure if the strategy has changed since then basically my goals are simple I want to gain lean muscle mass I'm currently 128 lb and I am 5 ft 5 in. I am a female by the way and I am 42 years old
  13. G

    lgd4033 + GW

    basic stack of LGD and GW-501516 cardarine 25mgs of each per day using enhanced athlete (don’t tell me they aren’t legit, dr. Huge uses them and so does Ramy) I’m 28 years old, 5’5’’ 164 pounds. Want to gain size!
  14. L

    Sleepy time sarms

    I'm looking to get some help. After my steroid cycle of had a difficult time sleeping. And in the process I'm starting to lose the progress that I got before I’m currently down to 232 pounds from 248 and i’m worried the weight has been coming off quickly which sarms do you think can help...
  15. D

    Best dose for lgd4033 and lgd3033

    All right about this new sarm called lgd3033 do you think it would be beneficial to stack both of these LGD together or does it not matter? I have leftover lgd4033 on hand I was thinking of doing maybe 30 mg of each I’m 5’9 143 pounds And i have been training for 2 years
  16. H

    stacking 2 sarms together

    I’m looking for the best sarms stack that is great for recomping. I want to put on about 5 pounds of muscle while also losing 5 pounds of fat. That is a lofty goal but if I do half of that I would be happy would GW cardarine and RAD be the best stack for this? Or should I try GW and LGD...
  17. S

    Super high lgd

    I was wondering if anybody has ever use lgd 4033 at a super high dosage and what were your results 33 yrs old I'm currently five foot eight 180 lb my goal is to recomp if I were to run to lgd-4033 at 100 mg a day would that speed up my gains or would it be a waste
  18. O

    LGD vs. Ostarine lean gains

    I'm looking for LEAN gains, don't want to get bulky at all that's not the look I want plus I like to do a lot of outdoor things like bicycling and rock climbing. I live out west and that's my life what is a better choice between using ostarine MK and lgd 4033? I’m 6’1 188 pounds
  19. L

    LGD solo

    I want to run a clean cycle with lgd 4033 thinking about doing 20 mg a day I'm 5 foot 8 inches 180 lb looking to drop a little fat and also put on some lean muscle mass and strength money is an issue so I just want to stick to lgd solo what do you think about this plan and how long should I run it
  20. T

    LGD and S4 stack

    Haven't seen anyone mention the stacked together. I am in a situation where I had ordered lgd 4033 and they sent me the wrong thing so now I have an extra bottle of it and I am going to stack it along with S4 andarine. What are the best dosages of each?
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