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    dropping LGD mid cycle for something else

    I’m currently on lgd4033 and running 20mgs a day. I don’t like the effects that I’m getting because I’m getting a little aggression. Purchase them from one of the sponsors on here so I know it’s legit. I’m looking to switch it out for either S4 andarine or maybe rad140. I’m four weeks into the...
  2. R

    sarms lgd, rad and gw

    going to go with an easy sarms stack this time lgd, rad, and gw my lgd dose is gonna be 10mgs rad is 10mgs and GW 20mgs. Thoughts on this? I’m 110kg, overweight, trying to cut down. 28 years old. Last 2 years have really put on a lot of mass but not the good kind lol.
  3. Z

    how would you stack GW, LGD and Yk11?

    I’m looking to put on some muscle mass and also cut some body fat at the same time. Many people have suggested that I try a combination of GW, LGD and yk11 my main concern is side effects and also suppression. I’m 24 years old and don’t want any complications. I’m about 18% body fat with an...
  4. P

    gotta come off sarms quick

    I need to stop using sarms cold turkey been on them for the past 10 months and now I have a funeral out of the country to go to and I am not gonna risk taking them with me. I’ve been using nutrobal the whole way, and using lgd, gw and rad here and there throughout. Currently been on all 4 for...
  5. R

    RAD, LGD, ostarine and what else?

    So I am putting together a mega sarms stack so far I got RAD, LGD and ostarine. My goals are bulking and strength with low sides. 6’ tall and 188 pounds. 28 years old. Want to keep things within my budget and go about 10 weeks. I’m looking for a fourth option to add into this what do you recommend?
  6. F

    contest prepping with sarms.

    I’m looking to do a Physique competition and would like to prep with sarms going forward. My current cycle plan looks sort of like this: lgd 25mgs a day yk11 10mgs a day gw 20mgs a day. I’m open to suggestions when it comes to adjusting my dosing. I know that guys I’m competing against are on...
  7. X

    how would you add in S23 in this sarms stack

    currently 24 years old, 67kg and 6’2’’. looking to bulk up of course but don’t want to use steroids quite yet I’m looking to run s23 and the dosage I was looking at doing was 50mgs a day of it. 10mgs a day of lgd or rad is what I was thinking of adding in but wasn’t sure what you recommended. Do...
  8. W

    LGD and ostarine good mix or bad mix?

    Not sure if mixing lgd and ostarine is a good idea for someone looking for lean muscle mass I’m currently 14% body fat and want to keep my body fat 15% or less I don’t have much room for error I’m 207 pounds and I’m six foot three definitely want to put on some more strength and size but it...
  9. X

    sarms cycle LGD underrated?

    Do you think lgd is underrated when it comes to bulking up? Or do you think I should go with s4 or s23 instead? I’m a skinny guy. 6’2’’ 155 pounds tiny bone structure but I have potential according to my friends I’m only benching 155 pounds which is my body weight so I would like to build more...
  10. K

    how to use lgd and GW

    I’m looking to stack some lgd and gw together lean gains and fat loss is my goal I’m training four times a week weight training and also I do some hiking on the weekends and some bicycling 190 pounds and five foot ten inches only question I have is what kind of dosages should I be doing
  11. R

    which sarms stack for rookie?

    First time using sarm but I have five years experience using steroids and pro hormones I’ve spent the past year off of everything and now I’m back trying to get my conditioning on point looking to utilize 20mgs of RAD + some GW or LGD + GW. Which stack would be better? I’m 24 years old and I...
  12. K

    how to use sarms lgd and gw

    I’m new to all this and I’m 24 years old I’ve been training for the past couple years and want to push myself a little bit more. I’m right around 200 pounds and tall and I would say my body fat was around eighteen percent LGD and GW are the 2 sarms I have my eye on I’m going to start with 10 mg...
  13. B

    LGD and yk11 for strength

    I’m looking for strength gains and currently on lgd and yk11 please help me improve this cycle for strength only I’m currently benching 275 and I weight only 185 pounds would like to crack 300 or come close atleast should I add in s23 or s4 to this stack? If so what dose?
  14. P

    how long to feel a LGD and GW cycle?

    155 pounds and 22 years old first time using sarms or any PED. Only thing I’ve used before are supplements I’m on 10mgs LGD and 20mgs of GW per day its been a week not seeing anything noticeable quite yet which I know is understandable can you tell me how long it will take for me to start...
  15. T

    how would you stack LGD with sr?

    I’m looking to stack sr and lgd together don’t have a goal except to build muscle and get more fat loss 5’10’’ 188 pounds 12% body fat the dosage I was told was 10mgs LGD and 25mgs SR9009 my question is how long do I need to run this for best results?
  16. V

    bulking stack with sarms

    looking to bulk up my next sarms cycle Really skinny 160 pounds and I’m 5 foot 11 inches 23 years old right now I am training at a franchise gym and I’m going around 4 times a week. Do you think I can increase my workouts while I’m on sarm because right now if I try to do that I have a real big...
  17. T

    changing up my sarms stack after 1 week

    so I just started my first sarms cycle I am doing rad140 and lgd4033. Doing 10mgs of each I changed my mind at the last minute after a week on this and I would like to change some things would like to drop the RAD and add in GW instead at 20mgs a day also want to increase the lgd up to 20...
  18. J

    How to run sarms most effectively?

    So I was one of the first people to run sarms around 8-10 years ago so i have the most experience you will find. I have found several strategies to get the most out of sarms cycles Always run them higher than people say to. This will yield better results. Example don’t run S4 50mgs, run it...
  19. N

    Which 2 sarms are best?

    what would you recommend for someone who is 5'9 75 Kg and 25 years old who is using sarms for the first time but has used 3 cycles of steroids in the past? My goals are simple: more muscle and less fat I’m looking to use something like GW or SR9009 + either RAD or LGD. I'm just confused at which...
  20. M

    Week 4 of 8 weeks sarms cycle

    Looking to make some changes to my current sarm cycle I'm on week 4 and I was planning on going 8 weeks the problem is that I am on rad140 and I'm on lgd together 25 mg each per day I'm not seeing any type of fat loss just growing muscle and some strength improvements. would like to increase my...
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