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    stacking 2 sarms together

    I’m looking for the best sarms stack that is great for recomping. I want to put on about 5 pounds of muscle while also losing 5 pounds of fat. That is a lofty goal but if I do half of that I would be happy would GW cardarine and RAD be the best stack for this? Or should I try GW and LGD...
  2. S

    Super high lgd

    I was wondering if anybody has ever use lgd 4033 at a super high dosage and what were your results 33 yrs old I'm currently five foot eight 180 lb my goal is to recomp if I were to run to lgd-4033 at 100 mg a day would that speed up my gains or would it be a waste
  3. O

    LGD vs. Ostarine lean gains

    I'm looking for LEAN gains, don't want to get bulky at all that's not the look I want plus I like to do a lot of outdoor things like bicycling and rock climbing. I live out west and that's my life what is a better choice between using ostarine MK and lgd 4033? I’m 6’1 188 pounds
  4. L

    LGD solo

    I want to run a clean cycle with lgd 4033 thinking about doing 20 mg a day I'm 5 foot 8 inches 180 lb looking to drop a little fat and also put on some lean muscle mass and strength money is an issue so I just want to stick to lgd solo what do you think about this plan and how long should I run it
  5. T

    LGD and S4 stack

    Haven't seen anyone mention the stacked together. I am in a situation where I had ordered lgd 4033 and they sent me the wrong thing so now I have an extra bottle of it and I am going to stack it along with S4 andarine. What are the best dosages of each?
  6. P

    Lgd making me tired

    I have been on lgd 4033 by itself for the past 4 weeks at 20 mg a day. I dropped the dosage down to 10 mg because I felt tired and lethargic on this cycle. What should I do from here , I'm not using the sponsor product Cuz I wanted to save money , I guess I screwed up but what do I do from here
  7. J

    Cutting sarms stack

    5 foot 7 192 lb chubby but built good I did a stank back in January and I ran ostarine and lgd but didn't get good results. My diet was not in check. This time I want to get my diet in check and drop down some weight. I want to hit it hard in the gym as well. Which stack is best for cutting, I'm...
  8. J

    RAD and LGD difference

    Hey I just watched some videos online about LGD4033 anabolicum it is called and RAD140 testolone. They said these were the 2 most popular steroids out there. Can anyone explain the differences between the two and which would be best to run solo for a cycle for 12 weeks?
  9. X

    replacing lgd with another sarm

    I have used lgd4033 anabolicum my last cycle and I got decent results but nothing too explosive, I am looking to change it up and was thinking about using something more powerful. Which would be better to use between S23 and YK11 and which place would you buy them from?
  10. M

    LGD use in women

    Is LGD4033 still considered okay for use in women because I haven’t seen any posts on it for a while so not sure if the ladies are still using it. I’m 42 years old and describe myself as hard working lady in the gym. I’m 5’6” 128 pounds and I’ve got 22% body fat. I have used sarms before...
  11. H

    LGD and RAD sarms, how much will I gain?

    Hey I am 23 years old and I want to run LGD4033 anabolicum with RAD140 testolone sarms types. Was thinking of doing 10mg/10mg stack for 8 weeks. I am currently skinny, 5’10” and 155 pounds. Not sure on body fat but lean. Tired of being skinny and not getting results in gym. How much will I...
  12. T

    Running LGD + 677 Stack ( what to expect )

    Hi, I'm 26, healthy and been playing football most of my life, recently i decided to lift weights and grow in size. My current weight is 145lbs at 5'10". I was around 138lbs 3 months ago and i gained around 3-4lbs of muscle along with some fat, but it took me a long time to achieve this, I know...
  13. J

    My Sarm Stack

    So the supp store guy convinced me to run a SARMS cycle, and gave me a stack of lgd, YK-11, and Rad 140. I began running them immediately, and began to research everything I could about them. The first week was really remarkable, I could feel them almost instantly. I have always been a natty...
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    LGD-4033 and S4 (Andarine) - GYNO

    OK first to give some background. I'm in my late 20's and already have a little gyno from a prohormone cycle (CycloBolan from Infinite Labs, the old formula not the new) in 2010. The endocrinologist started me on femara then after awhile took me off femara and put me on tamoxifen for some...
  15. G

    Lgd-4033 & sr9009

    Hey, I ran a cycle of LGD-4033 last year and was pretty damn impressed by the results (5mg first week, 10mg week 2-8); added in RAD 140 the last 4 weeks to keep the gains coming @ 5mg/day). Diet was garbage (due to travel, not habits) and still saw gains. I would like feedback on this from...
  16. A

    Osta+LGD+Proviron question

    Hey guys, It's my first post here, although I'm following quite a while now. Recently I'm thinking about a small cycle, it would be my first. So maybe I'll start with introducing myself: - 183cm/93kg (around 20% fat atm), just turned 29 - 4 years in the gym (with around 7 months break, ate like...
  17. K

    Stack Log: Clen, T3, & LGD 4033 "Leaning Out Cycle"

    Stack Log: Clen, T3, & LGD 4033 "Leaning Out Cycle" Okay folks, this is my first post on these forums, and I'm just looking for a place to drop some knowledge and info on what happens and to chronicle my results with these SARMs. I haven't seen any info in regards to...
  18. G

    GW-1516 and LGD 4033 questions

    I would like to run a cycle stacking GW and LGD. My questions are as follows: 1. Currently on the second week of a 6 week Clen/t-3 cycle. Can I start my SARMS cycle while on the clen/t-3 or should I wait? 2. Any issue with stacking GW and LGD? 3. What should by cycle length and dosing be...
  19. B

    LGD S4 Osta and GW Cycle Help

    A friend of mine and I are 21 years old and looking to do our first cycle of any kind with SARMs. We have ordered LGD, S4, Osta, and GW. I know usually Osta GW and S4 are done together simultaneously for the Triple Stack Protocol, however we want to stack all four of the mentioned compounds...
  20. E

    PCT destroyed my Libido?

    Hi, this is my first post to this online community. A few things first, this is not my first cycle, and this last cycle was very mild. My libido was great before the cycle, on cycle was decent, and the first few weeks of my PCT it was better than ever. My cycle was a test run of LGD-4033 at...
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