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  1. Essie

    Cyp, EQ and Deca

    I've been thinking of late and had this idea maul around in my head for some time now. Without going into too much detail regarding what these two compounds do once injected, I would like to keep it simple. So, for the sake of this discussion, let's assume that the person has done proper...
  2. J

    2nd cycle deca/test c advice please

    Hey guys im looking to start a cycle of test c and deca. Im 29 years old 5'11" 205 lbs and about 10%bf. I looking to get up to 235lbs with great strength gains. Here's what I was thinking: Week 1-11 Test c 500mg Deca 400 mg week 12+13 Test 500 mg Week 16-20 Nolva 40, 40, 20, 20 Clomid 150, 75...
  3. T

    First Cycle Feedback

    I am running my first cycle, and for the most part I am loving it. I have had some stomach issues that I am unsure whether or not they are related, but my doctor believes it should clear up on its own so I have just continued powering through, although I have been instructed against any lifting...
  4. N

    Finally Decided On What To Take...Now for some advice :)

    20 years old 6"2 weigh 180 lbs My first cycle consisted of: Dbol 4 weeks at 40 mg/day Sust 250 12 weeks at 750 mg/week (injecting 3x a week to spread things out) Deca, 500 mg/weeks Pct 3 weeks took both Clomid and Nolvadex.. I saw great results and felt great i started off weighing 160 lbs...
  5. A

    The real facts on hgh?

    So I'm planning on running some Somatropin alongside my Sus/deca cycle for around 3 months. what is everyones experience with GH?? what kind of results can I expect?? and are there any negative side effects I need to be concerned about in the short term use of GH?? really appreciate responses.
  6. I

    First Cycle Advice

    6ft.2 191lbs-87kg 15%Bf 25 Training for 4 years. Want to start a Test400/Deca cycle Week 1-12 Test 600mg/week Week 1-10 Deca 300mg/week Monday: 200mg Test - 300mg Deca Tuesday:No shot Wednesday:200mg Test Thursday:No shot Friday:200mg Test Sat:No Shot Sun:No shot Week 15-19 Clomid...
  7. P

    3rd cycle, test e, deca, any advice?

    Hi guys, Just looking for advice I'm 26, 85kg, 170cm, training for 6 years 15months ago was my first course, just 1ml test a week, 10 weeks, that saw me get from 70 to 75. Around 6 months after that, I doubled to 2ml a week, in 2 injections, got me to 85, 10% body fat. 6 months later, I'm about...
  8. K

    Advice Wanted. I'm going to start my first cycle tomorrow.

    I am going to start my first cycle tomorrow. I got D-Anabol 25mg and DECA 200mg. The bottles say take 3 pills once or twice a day. I plan to take 1 pill of each 3 times daily. I also ordered gold standard whey protein, casein and amino energy all from optimum. I work out in the late afternoon...
  9. M

    Cycle for this year - Deca/Tren & Dbol/Win....

    Hi Guys - Right so very controversial - but should be good for discussion (I hope)... and in the end hoping for decent advice - completely open to any positive criticism (so if you think it’s crap just please let me know why)… J A bit about me: - Been training for years, cycle once...
  10. N

    Long term Side Effect Steroid Use and Not Cycling in HIV+ men

    A bit of background, I am an HIV+ male and have been for 7 years. Reading built to survive and between that and some friends this may have saved my life. Started trying to cycle just with low dose of test about a year ago results on that first cycle were amazing(to be expected). After coming off...
  11. E

    Test + Deca Cycle and PCT Help

    Hello Mats I am a new user here and i really need some help .I am working for almost 3 year having age of 26 6 feet tall and 72 kg weight. i am using Testosteron depot plus deca durablon. week 1 Deca Durabolin 200 mg Testosteron 500 mg week 2 Deca Durabolin 200 mg Testosteron 500 mg week 3...
  12. R

    When to take AI's to be safe?

    Started a cycle: weeks 1-12 Sustanon 250mg twice a week monday and thursday 1-10 Deca-Durabolin - nandrolone decanoate - 300mg once a week 12-16 HCGenerate 3 caps am 2 caps pm 12-16 forma-stanzol 5 pumps am and pm 12-16 (optional) clomid 25mg ed Need HCG but cannot find for sh*t...
  13. AviSCAR

    Need Advice, Good Stack?

    12 weeks Sust 500 mg weeks 1 & 2 750 mg weeks 3-9 500 mg weeks 9-12( two equal injections weekly) Deca 400 mg weekly D-Bol 20 mg week 1 30 mg week 2 40 mg week 3 50 mg week 4 60 mg week 5 50 mg week 6 40 mg week 7 30 mg week 8 20 mg week 9 20 mg week 10 Anastrozol .25 mg EOD...
  14. I

    Testosterone With Deca a MUST?

    Do I have to take some kind of testosterone with deca? I keep reading stuff about a low sex drive on deca..... Does this always happen?
  15. M

    need help - stats & diet info + compounds

    I have been reading Elite for a few months and i just became a member a few days ago, i would like to say that there is plenty of good information on this site with plenty of very knowledgeable people. I last did a cycle 6 years ago & 7 years ago they were the same kind of cycle a deca & primo...
  16. M

    Newbie - Need Help

    I'm a 33 year old male 5'10 240 - can you please give me some advice for a cycle containing test e, deca, primobolan depot, hcg, clomid, & nolvadex. Thank you
  17. S

    low dose test/eq vs test/deca for hairloss

    A friend of mine has bad genetics for hairloss and wants to run a light beginner cycle. What would you guys say will get better results with less sides(hairloss specific): 250mg test and 250mg deca a week, or 500mg equipose and 250mg test? Thanks
  18. Discreet User

    Designing an advanced cycle

    You've got Deca, Winstrol (injectable & oral), Anavar, Test Cypionate and Test Propionate on hand. Design your ideal cycle.
  19. P

    Need Elite Wisdom on my Cycle.

    Hey guys, I've been browsing around a few forums, trying to find the right one for me, was recommended that EliteFitness was the place to be. So thought I'd try it out. So, over my 4 previous cycles in the past 2 years, I've gained good solid gains, through some good advice and PCT managed to...
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