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  1. M

    Side effects to watch out for on sarms

    I got my sarms from enhanced athletes and I've been on it for a few weeks dealing with some weird side effects I wanted to throw your way first off my skin is getting some weird allergies. I haven't been able to link any type of food that's causing it or anything new like a cat or a dog or...
  2. P

    Bigger by the day sarms run

    I'm going to follow the bigger by the day sarms recommendation. Tired of being small and skinny I’m only 140 pounds and i am 6’1’’ tall and 23 years old Its gonna be a big cycle 50mgs a day lgd4033 40mgs a day s23 50mgs a day cardarine gw Its gonna be a 25 week cycle I’m following the joe weider...
  3. A

    Physique adjustments with sarms?

    I currently weigh around 105 kilos I'm definitely looking to cut down and get leaner. but more importantly I would like to improve my physique overall my body fat is probably around 25 or 26% according to my trainer he refuses to allow me to use any sort of PED, but i want to use sarms. He says...
  4. W

    Time for major fat loss sarms and 21 years old

    I'm tired of being overweight I can't even see my penis when I go to the bathroom at the stage. I have a huge gut I'm 285 lb and I am 5'11. I think I should at least lose 40 lb and do it for my health so I can raise my children and watch them grow up Cardarine gw501516 20mgs a day is the best...
  5. J

    How about sarms for meatheads?

    The only people i see using sarms lately are skinny dweebs What about using sarms for meatheads? The hell with it, I will step up the plate and do it myself to test this crap out I’m currently 265 pounds, 6’2’’ and 48 years old. I’m also a biker and part of a club. Don’t look at us sideways...
  6. YouMirinBrah?

    Approved Log My GW Cycle Log

    Goals: decrease bodyfat hopefully to >15% maintain existing muscle mass Diet: 2000 calories 180g protein 53.4g fat 197g carbs 1gal water Breakfast: 1 Choc premier protein shake 1 Banana Snack: 1 kiwi 1 cup blueberries Lunch: 8oz chicken breast 2 cup mixed greens 0.5 cups cherry tomatoes 0.5...
  7. Y

    Need sarms help please

    I ordered 3 types of sarms based on research i did but now the more i read the more it seems i am not doing things right Got some rad140, mk677 nutrobal and cardarine gw My plan was to use 10mgs of the RAD, 25mgs of the nutrobal and 20mgs of the GW for 16 weeks But now i am seeing you have to...
  8. N

    Non sarms products to use

    22 years old 5’8’’ 170 pounds I'm learning a lot about sarms and saw that there are 2 non sarms products sold as sarms They are mk677 nutrobal and cardarine gw501516 they both have really good reviews. I decided to start a cycle with both of them doing 20 mg of each for 4 weeks. I haven’t had...
  9. T

    Sarms gw and andarine ?

    I’m a crossfit athlete who is mixing in weight training too My weakness right now is endurance and my strength is good I need help everywhere in between that. I don't want to put on body fat or water retention which is why I want to use sarms instead of steroids. I'm 28 years old and I am 5'6...
  10. R

    Some sarms questions

    Let me explain my situation. over the past two years I've dealt with a divorce and also having to fight for custody of my kids so in the process I've let myself go and the gym has been my side thing. I've only been going a couple times a month. I put on a lot of body fat. I'm now up to 26% body...
  11. J

    Using a sarms cycle without GW

    I don’t want to use gw cardarine cause of the cancer studies Is it possible to use 3 sarms and not include GW or should i just forget it? I was thinking of doing yk11, s23, and s4 andarine as a stack I’m 28 years old 5 ft 11 in and I weigh around 217 lb. my body fat is around 20 to 25%. I'm...
  12. T

    Endurance and fat loss sarms

    Looking to try the endurance and fat loss sarms stack i read about online They recommend i do sr9009 30mgs a day split 3x per day Along with cardarine gw501516 25mgs a day split 2x per day Also either s4/andarine or yk11 are supposed to be good additions I’m currently 5’7’’ and 193 pounds and 25...
  13. L

    First time with sarms experience

    I’m using lgd4033 for the first time. Doing it 12 weeks I’m on week 11. I also did cardarine gw501516 for 4 weeks and then stopped it I am doing the lgd 25mgs a day. I'm getting really good results and lean muscle mass I would want to keep using it longer. would I be able to extend it by 6...
  14. W

    50 year old sarms cutter

    I'm looking to cut down a little bit I am 52 years old and I weigh approximately 216 lb I'm 5'11 and I have a 36-in waist would like to cut down a little bit and get my waist down to maybe 33 or 34 do you recommend that I try gw cardarine with lgd4033? And can i just do 20mgs a day of each...
  15. E

    #3 sarms run

    First two times I ran sarms did not have the type of results I was looking for this time I want to do it right please help me, i want to look good! Where is dylan gheymelli when you need him ? My stats: 55kg, 5’8’’, training 3 years and 22 years old My 3 sarms i want to run: Cardarine gw...
  16. V

    Solo run of GW ?

    has anyone tried just doing a solo run of GW cardarine? If so would 16 weeks and 20mgs a day be a good run? My goals are simple; fat loss and endurance I'm currently 5 ft 10 in around 216 lb and my body fat is in the mid-20s
  17. V

    Sarms cycle and post cycle

    Looking for this review of my entire sarms stack and PCT Stats: 5’11’’ 188, 12% bf and 24yrs old Cycle: yk11, gw cardarine, sr9009 Post cycle: clomid, aromasin, ostarine mk2866 What would you change here?
  18. D

    Current sarms stack and changes

    I'm 6 weeks into my current sarms stack of lgd 4033 and also cardarine GW I’m doing 20mgs of each. Results are decent but i want to change things up and swap out the LGD for Rad140 to get better results would this be okay to do or should I just Finish the cycle? I’m 22 years old and 5’7’’...
  19. E

    Sarms for the athlete

    4 star athlete Competed varsity across the board Soccer, bball, and football and more including track Now 23 years old and a year out of school 5’11’’ 165 Looking to figure out a way to improve my athleticism after a 1 year hiatus with sarms Is cardarine gw going to be better than sr9009?
  20. N

    best things to stack with GW

    what are the best things overall to stack with cardarine gw ? Not just sarms but also supplements that go well with it I want to use it for 20 weeks on and 10 weeks off then 20 weeks back on my goal is fat loss and endurance gains. I’m 39yrs old and 210 pounds
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