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    Post sarms cycle ideas

    Looking for some ideas for what I should do after a three-month sarms cycle of rad140, cardarine GW, and Ostarine MK. I gained a lot of size I'm not even going to say how much, you wouldn't believe me but I had tremendous results. now how do I keep all these games I put on without losing them...
  2. D

    Is GW also good for weight training

    I mostly do just weight training and think cardio is for wusses, I'm 6 ft 5 and 280 lb and I can bench press over 300 lbs no problem. Guys in the gym usually crowd around when I'm lifting just to get a glimpse of a strong man. I'm looking at this sarm called g w cardarine and it sounds like it...
  3. E

    sarms cutting stacking

    looking to use 2 or 3 sarms to cut down this cycle. Heard gw cardarine was a good one, also mk677 everyone says helps them cut fat. But what do you recommend for me? I’m 29 years old and 5’7’’ 200 pounds. Around 22% body fat I would estimate but not sure
  4. W

    Heart issues from sarm's

    I am using a MK677 nutrobal cycle along with GW cardarine. I started at a low 10mg a day dosage and ramped it up higher. when I would ramp it up I would start blowing a little bit on it and I started getting headaches. Then I started getting lethargic and noticed a lot of water weight coming...
  5. J

    Liquid dosing sarms

    I got g w cardarine in the mail and I'm really excited about using it but it is in liquid form and I wasn't aware of that. The syringe has a dropper and it measures by quarter milliliters up to 1. If I were to run 20 mg of it how many milliliters do I need to use. Is it to full drops of it or half
  6. O

    Doing a non suppressive sarms run

    I read the information in the Articles and it appears there are three types of sarm's that you can run that don't have any suppressive qualities to it. those three are GW cardarine, Sr9009, and nutrobal MK677. my question is if I ran all three of these together would that do me good or will...
  7. S

    do I need anything with sarms?

    I was wondering what I needed to use with sarms in terms of support supps, an AI, hcg, and that sort of thing. I am 30 years old and 5’9’’ 167 pounds. My sarms stack will be: GW cardarine 20mg a day RAD140 20mg a day debating between YK11 and S23 as my 3rd sarm. If I went with this stack what...
  8. D

    Anyone hear of something called gw0742?

    has anyone on here research or used gw0742. It's supposed to be the newest sarm compound out there and it's similar to cardarine because they're both PPAR agonists. there are some sarm suppliers advertising it as a substitute for cardarine because it's supposed to be better and cheaper to produce
  9. B

    Getting lethargic on GW

    so I've been noticing some interesting things on g w cardarine. I am not using the Forum sponsor, I'm using a company called enhance athletes. Some of the things I've noticed is my appetite has been dropping quite rapidly, I am losing body fat but I'm also having problems with energy. I feel...
  10. I

    High SHBG on sarms?

    have any of you ever experienced this problem where you have high shbg while on a sarms stack? I'm using mk 677 nutrobal and G W cardarine. my doctor says my levels are off. But I'm not sure if it's from the sarms or could be something else because I didn't get blood work recycle. Can you...
  11. J

    Do sarms cause smell

    I still can't find any other people complaining about this problem but I wanted to reach out and see if you guys new about it. I started using cardarine GW and Ostarine MK 2 weeks ago. Now my girlfriend is complaining about a weird smell coming from down there when she goes down on me. I am...
  12. M

    Using ostarine in pct

    I am coming off a sarm cycle of lgd4033, rad140 and cardarine GW. I ran them for 12 weeks and I had good results. When I came off I started to feel a little weird so now I'm starting PCT a couple weeks late. just wanted to make sure that I was allowed to use MK2866 ostarine in pct. also...
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    40 year old sarms

    Hi I'm 40 years old and I'm doing a sarm cycle which I just started a few days ago I want to get my ducks in a row I'm doing: RAD140 20mg a day GW cardarine 20mg per day MK2866 ostarine 25mg a day my question is do I need to take nolvadex and Clomid for post cycle and do I need testosterone on...
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    Running my Next Rad cycle

    I have already run rad 140 with good results I put on about 8 lb of muscle mass. My current stats are six foot one, 240 lb, and 22% body fat. My next cycle I think I want to cut down more and get my body fat closer to 15%. should I try rad140 again but this time add in GW 501 516 cardarine?
  15. 3

    First sarm cycle post-surgery

    I'm 34 years old I've been lifting 4/5 years consistently. One year ago I had surgery for gynecomastia where they remove the gland. It was gyno that I've had for many years since puberty. I read that sarms can cause gynecomastia and those who are prone to have had it before. Will I be at risk if...
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    Sarms cardarine GW solo

    Hey I want some of Dylan's videos online and I really like this guy, would love to maybe meet him one day and work out together. He was talking about g w cardarine in one of the videos. it sounds like the perfect thing for me because I want to boost my endurance and fat loss. What dosage would...
  17. H

    21 years old sarms beginner

    I'm 5 ft 11 in 165 lb a year ago I only weigh 140 pounds. I started working out and eating right and I put on a lot of size. I want to take things to the next level oh, my goals are gaining more strength and more size. I think I've chosen lgd-4033 GW cardarine as my sarm stack. I'm really...
  18. K

    stacking GW with something else

    I want to run GW cardarine as my base in my next sarms cycle, gonna do it at 10-15mg a day. My question is what would you stack with it if you want to cut down. Please just give me 1 sarm to use with it as I am on a budget. Also what kind of diet would work best with sarms? Is it just lots of...
  19. G

    Mid sarms cycle fork

    I may have hit a fork in the road on this recent sarms cycle. I am at week 5 of my cardarine GW and ostarine MK cycle. I am doing 20mg a day of the GW and 50mg a day of the MK. so far the results aren’t as good as i would have hoped, is it too late to switch out the ostarine for something...
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    worst sarms for females

    I haven't seen a thread like this so thought I would ask it, what is the worse sarm that females should not be messing with that is sold by the board sponsor. I'm looking to pick up some ideas for my first sarm cycle. I know I want to use GW cardarine but I'm not sure what else to use. Please...
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