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  1. K

    psyllium husk and dosage

    I’m looking for some advice on how much psyllium husk you’re supposed to use as a bodybuilder I’m now following a bodybuilder diet that is heavy in protein and heavy and red meat I’m also eating some chicken and fish during the week as well. Thoughts?
  2. W

    A year long cruise

    please give me some advice on a year long cruise that I can do for my next cycle I’m 168 pounds and 5’10’’ skinny but I have potential according to my friend to be a good bodybuilder one day Currently training five times a week and I’m eating 2,800 calories a day my thoughts were doing test...
  3. A

    Top bodybuilder foods to gain real muscle mass

    What are going to be the top bodybuilder foods to gain real muscle mass that aren't that well known that you have in your arsenal? I already know about the normal stuff oatmeal, potatoes, bananas, eggs, rice, chicken, fish, avocados, beef etc What are some other off the wall bodybuilder foods...
  4. S

    Proper amount of taurine for training

    I am doing dianabol and my gosh my calf pumps are crazy. I cannot even do cardio without having to jump off the treadmill and lay on the ground in pain cause my calves feel like they are gonna pop open lol. What is the amount of taurine that a bodybuilder should be using pre workout to prevent...
  5. P

    best tren option for bodybuilder

    I am striving to become the next best thing I want to succeed in bodybuilding and also with my social media pages part of that is putting up some really nice pictures that is why I want to use trenbolone I’m 25 years old 5’9’’ and 166 pounds my body fat is 15% I think I have the potential to...
  6. JimAbs43

    Podcast 527 - Learn what drives you, how to stay strong in Life? 527 - Learn what drives you, how to stay strong in Life?
  7. G

    bodybuilder diet and fat intake

    what is your opinion on fat intake that bodybuilders should be taking in? And which foods and fat should I be consuming? I want to improve my nutrition currently following a 40/40/20 macros strategy. But debating if I should raise fats to 25% and lower carbs a bit
  8. J

    Steroid stack for bodybuilder

    I'm going to be doing my first ever bodybuilding show in a couple months I'm currently doing winstrol and trenbolone. light doses of each as sort of a prep I’m down to 7% body fat, and 5’9’’ 174 pounds. Need to get under 170 i think What else would you say i would need to take going into the...
  9. V

    Is RAD140 used by non pros?

    I'm in no way a professional bodybuilder or anything like that. I'm just on normal guy I'm currently benching 175 lb. My full stats are a modest 5 ft 8 in in 160 lb with 18% body fat I wanted to get on 25 mg a day of the rad 140 and I wanted to run in about 16 weeks do you think this is...
  10. P

    Thoughts on machines to avoid

    Which machines at the gym should you be avoiding if you want to be a bodybuilder? are there any that are really counterproductive to building muscle and getting leaner Also would you recommend I follow what other bodybuilders are doing or should I come up with my own weight training program
  11. JimAbs43 477 Oral steroids and Aromasin use for the bodybuilder on steroids. 477 Oral steroids and Aromasin use for the bodybuilder on steroids.
  12. L

    Time to try steroids again?

    Has anyone been in a situation where they use steroids when they were younger say in their 20s and then stopped using them for a while and then now when they're older want these them again. I'm now in my mid-forties and I want to try them again. but my goals have changed since I was younger...
  13. J

    Chicken and rice is getting boring

    I'm starting to get bored with the whole chicken, rice, broccoli Diet that I've been following as a bodybuilder. I need something that's more fun. What is some advice that you can give me when it comes to foods and how do you not get bored eating the same things every day
  14. S

    55 year old natural bodybuilder

    as the title says I'm a 55 year old natural bodybuilder never use anything in my life except maybe some prohormones years ago when they were illegal I want to use steroids to give them a shot I already got blood work and my testosterone levels are between 500 and 600 so they are still...
  15. H

    A gift from the heavens sarms

    I just moved into a new house and I've been going through the pantry and the last person who lived here seem to be a bodybuilder or something because I see a lot of old supplements that they left behind. I also found some bottles of sarms, but the expiration date was last year. do you think...
  16. I

    Adding insulin to a steroid cycle

    I was looking at some Pro bodybuilder protocols and they always seem to include insulin, I've never used insulin before but I have ran steroids before am I missing out not using insulin if I want to One Day become a pro bodybuilder? Or is that just because they are so genetically freakish that...
  17. K

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Started with a dream a dream about becoming the greatest bodybuilder of all time. He believed, never think small you have to think big. If you want to do anything worthwhile in life you’ve got to be hungry. Here are 3 videos of Arnold you can watch for free hope you...
  18. S


    220 5.11 40 age want to ask about injecting insulin how safe is how the dose has to be and where you can found it what is the benefits beside burning fat Any help
  19. N

    Tattoos! How do you feel about inking your physique?

    We've all seen some bodybuilders (and average folks too) with some really bad tattoos. I'm talking about high quality ink. How many of you have tattoos and where? How do you feel they affect other's perception of your physique? Also who can you think of (shredded people only) who has...
  20. W

    Anadrol sustanon deca cycle need advice

    Stats: 29 yrs old 5'9" 195lbs lifting 5 years 3 previous cycles I am staarting a new cycle at the beginning off the year. My 1st cycle was awful but didn't hinder me, no horror story from it, 2nd was test cyp but still was a noob...made good gains but lacked PCT. My previous was...
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