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  • Hi Nate, Just got your book. Thank you so much! The recipies are fantastic! Can't wait to start using them!
    You are the best!
    bro I keep telling ou why would you let the word of one member fuck with your head.

    You have hundreds more people that respect you.
    Hi I got your message and you have been added :)
    Man! I hate to hear about digger.

    i just want to thank you for reaching out bro. theres a lot of suggestions from a lot of good hearted people, the problem is, as you can see, none of them align with each other. i do appriciate one person(you) agreeing with another's input. that means that he was on to something good, and that is the advise i would like to consider. id like to get to know you better so i have a go-to guy for questions on my cycles, i just didnt want to pull up on you not knowing you or introducing myself. again i appriciate the reach out and id like to talk more in the futer.
    What's the coupon code for primordial perfomance products? I thought it was mvc10, but it's not working. Thanks bro, I'll put you as my source.
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