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  • hey man how you been? listen you have helped me in the past.ive layed low off the boards to ensure safety. i wanted to know two things if you could,if im in the wrog please feel free to let me have always done a good job on this very informative board. 1)[email protected] you heard of this guy? good or bad? 2)how the hell do you order your cookbook? i see people talking about it and i wanna see it.thanx man and take care.
    Heya you possibly have any Sustain Alpha coupon discount codes I can talk u out of..also when using tren acetate did you notice yourself dropping bodyfat pretty fast while still getting more muscular and stronger in the gym? on 150mg eod of propionate..300mg ew of deca and 100mg eod of tren..of course im dropping the tren and the deca..having some very serious ED problems like I told you before..hell with cialis on hand and it kinda helps but not entirely..dostinex is on the way..plenty of drive just no spark in my rod per say..(
    lol i was confused at first but I see what you're doing. How would you recomend taking tren, winny and prop. I'm looking to lean and harden out so after that i can begin the bulk cycle
    hey needto i saw you said to go to some site if ef goes down but i lost the link can you send it to me? thanks man
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