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Gotta new Tat anybody else inked???

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Excerpt: I don't have a picture yet, but its a tribal custom design that starts just at the top of my shoulder and goes down to about half way down my upper arm. I'm pretty happy with it, this is my second and probably last tat. I mainly got this one to cover up an old "jailhouse" tat I got when I was 14(yes I was a thug). Anybody else inked, and are you happpy with your choice of tat?

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    Mutant 68GT350's Avatar
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    Apr 2001
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    Steve-o from MTV's "Jackass" has "Your Name" tattooed on his ass. I love that idea. You can go around telling girls that you have "your name" tattooed on your ass.

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    i got one and now i want another one

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    not a mentor
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    Mar 2001
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    Originally posted by Bullit

    Don't you get sick of typing this every time?
    ....LOL at bullit......................YOU should be so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!
    Last edited by rnch; 13-Aug-2002 at 01:47 AM.
    "no one bombs RNCH again!--need2getaas"

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    Amateur Bodybuilder Kali's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
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    I have 6, and 7 piercings. I am looking at getting a brand here soon too. Be careful with tattoos though, they are addictive. Make sure you want it for a long time before you go jumping into things, and try to design your own... there is nothing worse than walking into a club and someone has the same tattoo as you. This weekend I went to a fetish/body manipulation circus in SF and they were doing free brandings of the #13 on stage... cute idea, but 23 people did it. Seriously, be creative people.

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