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Young female and PED’s


New member
22 years old
150 pounds
Played a lot of volleyball in school
Have degenerative knees from it
I need something to help me recover from training and running. Would steroids be my answer?
I can't really speak from experience, but I am actually looking into peptides. Particularly TB-500. Now I don't see anything saying a female can not use it, actually I see where the first human trial was actually a female. This would probably be a better route to go then an anabolic or steroid.

Now just an FYI, this substance is tested for by anti-doping agencies. If you are a current or future competitive athlete you really need to research the product along with your sports doping policies.
no steroids for you
try adding some cardarine and cardazol
25mgs ostarine and 5 tabs n2joint rx
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