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does primo work better then anavar? Female cycle

i don't think it would work better but i'm just guessing
female here. i've done primo before, there were some sides. go with anavar IMO
you need n2guard, that is important
if you start noticing side effects just stop the cycle
Looking to get in on the party it’s not just for the boys. I’m five foot 6… 150 pounds and I’m looking to get stronger at 38 years old
I’m looking at some of the basics of steroid use. Seems like primobolan is very mild and would be similar to using anavar but be less harsh on the liver. Is this true and how should I be using primo as a female?
Try them both
They are both good options for females, just personal preference. Both are also heavily faked so make sure you are using an approved source like Domestic-Supply.
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