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Would you rather run masteron or equipoise for cutting?

Good job cutting down below. 8% body fat. I say go with Masteron and I say, save the equipoise for another cycle. You could go ahead and use it at around 600 mg, perfect dose.
If you are cruising at 200 mg, that means you are essentially on HRT or trt that means you will not be able to come off very easily. Are you aware of this?
42 years old and under 10% body fat is amazing. That is really hard to accomplish from here. You can really run anything You wish.. I would go with equipoise personally. I really like it.
At your body fat, it would be foolish to not choose masteron but heck, I would run them both together. Run equipoise and Masteron 500 milligrams. Each why not
400 or 500 mg of equipoise is going to stack perfectly with testosterone, but I would keep the testosterone at your cruising dose.
bros If you really want to tighten things up then go with Masteron. if you don't care about that, then go and equipoise, really It's up to where you want to do from here.
Along with equipoise to effectively cutting body you can follow these ..
  1. Create a moderate calorie deficit.
  2. Maintain high protein intake.
  3. Balance macros (carbs and fats).
  4. Eat frequent, balanced meals.
  5. Incorporate cardio and strength training.
  6. Stay consistent and patient throughout the cutting phase.
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