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Why can't I take Masteron?


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I am 27 years old, 95 kilos of weight, BF% is like 18. I was going to run a cutting cycle with a low dosage of testosterone, anavar, and masteron. But a friend of mine told me that I should not bother with masteron, because I am too fat. Why can't you cut with masteron?
You can , but when your low bf you can really see its full effects , in a way it's a bit of waste of money because you'd only really be using it for the estro/DHT benefits ,, with low bf it really pulls water out and you can see the striations in your muscles

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The problem is that masteron is mostly a cosmetic steroid, and you will barely see any difference at such a high BF%. I always recommend to run masteron only if your BF% is below 12%. If you got more than that, it is just pointless. Instead, you could add Cardarine or SR9009 to the cycle – they are great for cutting, but they do not have side effects, so they will be an awesome addition to your cycle.
Masteron is primarily a cosmetic drug. It's a hardener. If your body fat is over 10%, you won't notice it's effects at all.

It's kind of like doing sit ups at 18% body fat. There's no point. You can develop the best set of abs ever but if your body fat is too high, you won't be able to see them.
That is a pity. What could I use to reduce SHBG and to lose some fat in such case? What will work in my situation?
A great compound for that would be Proviron - it will increase free testosterone levels, and will not cause side effects. So it will make the other compounds in the stack more effective.
That is a pity. What could I use to reduce SHBG and to lose some fat in such case? What will work in my situation?

you can use hcgenerate ES which has ingredients that bind to SHBG

as far as fat loss, steroids DO NOT burn fat. you need to exercise more and eat less/less often
Steroids don't burn fat. If you want to lose fat then you have to adjust your diet so you are in a caloric deficit every single day. There are no short cuts.
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