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What can go wrong on a first cycle?

first no aromasin second no n2guard big issue
This is far too much for a first cycle. The best advice I could provide you is that you stop now before you cause yourself a lot of problems. You should really thinka bout this
I’m 29 years old
167 pounds and around 8% body fat
I am on my first ever cycle and I'm using testosterone enanthate 500mgs a week with deca durabolin 400mgs a week
Also kickstarted things with some winstrol 25mgs a day first 4 weeks
So far I'm having incredible results. Training my balls off daily, i love going to the gym on this stack and my strength is going nuts
for all the things that people say can go wrong for a first cycle I haven't had anything bad happen. is there anything I should be wary of? Was reading about anti estrogens, i’m not doing them here. Is this a problem?
Potentially. What will you do if it is? Do you have any?
#1 thing here is gyno which is better known as bitch tits.

quite embarassing to say the least

also acne and hair loss can be a big issue too

and also deca dick.

you need to run proviron here and also get on an AI asap
This and then some lol
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