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using oral only as a female

i would stick to anavar or tbol. 5mgs to start
I’m looking to do an oral only cycle as a female.
I’m 5’5’’ 130 pounds
big fan of weight training, I’ve been doing it for two years and I fell in love with it when an ex-boyfriend introduced me to it
I’m 25 years old and looking to use the best oral that’s out there to get stronger and build more muscle
which one do you recommend?
Var only
For steroids, you really only want to look at anavar. 2.5-10mg per day depending on if you are casual or planning to compete. The key is to get legit anavar because if it is faked and you get dbol as a female, it is bad news. Make sure you go with our approved sources like Domestic-Supply to be safe.

Also, I would probably try a SARMs cycle first, before steroids, if you have never used a PED before. SARMs will not come with the androgenic side effects that steroids do.
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