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Using napsgear sustanon

for TRT I use 1 ml of geneza sustanon its working well and easy to pin
Id drop primo and run the test at 350mg or so. Whats your cycle history
I see napsgear ha a lot of sustanon options I’m gonna get their 250 or 270 sustanon would there be a difference in how I am dosing either one of these or should I just go ahead and do every other day? Also when it comes to what to stack If you wanted learn muscle mass would you choose something like primobolan to go with it and lower the sustanon dose? Or should i run the sustanon high and primo low?

250 vs 270 little higher mg.

Sustanon can be administered ED or EOD it all depends on the dosing you type cycle wish to run. I suggest 2-3 ml per should be enough.

If you are looking for lean mass, Investigate GP TMX Blend or TMT or ANOMASS

With Sustanon and reasonable Oral stack (SuperDrol) ETC
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