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Trt diet training log

You guys my smack me but that is what I eat. 250g protein 50 grams at a time in protein shakes with tablespoon or two of mct oil for my fats. Few bites of steel cut oats in morning and on my way home before workout. Little preworkout and b12 to help get busy for workout. Little chicken or piece of beef for dinner and half the time a keto yogurt with keto fake granola with it. Just added 1 cup brown rice to dinner as well. Total about 250 protein, almost 80 protein and about 100 or so carbs, depends on which package you look at for brown rice. Boring yes but that where I’m at. Will go back through workout routine when I’m able, might be a few days. I work and travel some for work so free time gets real tight sometimes. Thanks guys!! The willingness to help a stranger and support are both pretty freaking awesome!

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Also I left my astrozole at .5 three time a week after my cycle (last three weeks). My trt calls for twice a week and will be honest left at three times by accident. So my estrogen just completely crashed and was a .07 estrodial test. Just got the results this morning. That may have as much to do with feeling down as much as anything??? Needless to say astrozole is put away for a couple weeks or so. May not even need it from what I gather just being trt.
Just to toss out too was thinking about adding 200mg primobolin injection to my trt as well. Yes I know it’s not trt at that point but let’s call it trt plus.

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Trt is 100mg test cyp twice a week, total of 200mg per week.

Diet is 250g protein, 85g fats, 100g carbs per day. I have several protein shakes a day with mct oil added of good fat. Usually 1/2 cup steel cut oatmeal in morning and on way home from work for a little energy. B roasted chicken for dinner with avocado.

Workout is various fresh muscle exercise. Use the Fitbod app. Usually add a couple sets and some additional weight as well. Workout 3-5 times per week for 1.5 to 2 hrs. Push to failure or very close each set.

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Doc or self prescribed?
Looking forward to the updates. You will do better if you are able to eliminate protein shakes in favour of real food over time.
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