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trenbolone mixture in the same syringe

Getting good results I’m up about 10 pounds and I’m up to 225 pounds and I’m six foot two
I’ve been on test + EQ for the past 10 weeks. I’m gonna lower the doses of the test and EQ from 500mgs a week down to 250mgs a week. I’m also using 10mgs of aromasin EOD.
I’m looking to stack some trenbolone now and probably gonna do around 300mgs even.
Question is with the aromasin. How much would you adjust the aromasin from here over the last five weeks of the cycle?
Mix away
i would absolutely NOT add tren at this point of the cycle.. .its going too long as it is and then adding tren will only make recovery far more difficult and you are going to be in a bad way once you are done
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