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too much amino acids?


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Is there such thing as getting too much amino acids or is it safe to overdose on them?
A friend of mine took too many and started having bladder issues with his urine and went to the doctor and his kidney’s were out of whack. The doctor had him stop them and 2 days later he was better again.
if you overdose on amino acids it is generally safe BUT there are some dangers to be aware of especially gut issues. your body will expel any excess

but at the end of the day we get PLENTY of amino acids already in our western diets. so any amount you supplement is a waste of money and just gets wasted out. hence why using amino acids is laughable to me, that would be like supplementing sugar or salt. makes no sense. basically you are just wasting $$$ and stressing your body for nothing
some gut health issues if you use too much amino acids thats why i dont do it
i eat real food not aminos
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