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The #1 Bicep Growth Training Video on YouTube

George Spellwin

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Guys, this is the best bicep video I have found on YouTube. Check it out.

And here's a link to <a href="" target="_blank">a 54 page bodybuilding guide</a> from IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Ben Pakulski on the <a href="" target="_blank">Forgotten Muscle-Pounding Intel You Ought To Know</a>! There are 50 free copies for EF Members <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.<img src="" width="2" height="2" border="0" align="right" /> <img src="" alt="" width="2" height="2" border="0" align="right" />

Comments are appreciated below!
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Good Video. A couple months ago Ive discovered these techniques with the DB curls while training on my own and I thought I invented it. Even though now I know I obviously didn't, after seeing improved results myself its good to know others are benefiting from these techniques as well.
He's running the rack, hasn't been new since the 60's and was popular back in the mid 80's when I started weight lifting.

Oops different video, never mind what I just said.
He has another arm video where he running the rack for biceps.
thanks. the video is amazing. actually i am going to the gym today so i'll try some new ways. Does anyone know what is the best way to lift weight for wider chest?
@White black. If you want your chest to actually get WIDER as opposed to BIGGER. There isnt much you can do, wideness in the torso is mainly genetic. You can try wide grip flat bench and try using shorter, controlled movments focusing on only contracting the chest, but dont use a ton of weight or it will not forgive your rotator cuff if you do. Also if you focus on your back and Upper traps it can give you the appearance of having a wider torso which might help make your chest look bigger with clothes on.

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