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Texas Method


New member
Was curious if anyone here has used the Texas Method Program for Intermediate lifting and had any good results from it.

chaos13 said:
never heard of it

Its basicly a simplified 5x5 system over a 3 day split that has the lifter attempting new 1, 2, or 3 rm on the 3rd day on selected lifts.

Eg ;

Day 1

Squat 5x5
Bench 5x5
Row 5x5
Dips 5x5
Chins 5x5

Day 2 ( all lifts 10% less that 5x5 max )

Front Squat 3x3
OH Press 3x3
Row 3x3

Day 3 ( try for new 1, 2, or 3 rm )


Set up so you are attempting new PR's every Day 3
Its a solid program. This year, 3 of the 8 man US team to go to the Pan American games in Olympic weightlifting are coached by me, and all have used the "texas method" quite a bit in their training. Like any program, its not the end all be all of training, but it gets you stronger and bigger.

Here are three videos of a 265lb, 19 year old kid clean and jerking 446 lbs, a 204 lb kid clean and jerking 408 lbs, and a 235lb man clean and jerking 464 lbs, respectively, all drug free, and all built a lot of their strength on programs similar or exactly the same as what is now called the "texas method", although I didnt call it that when we first started using it. Someone else came up with that name.

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