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Test booster limits


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What are the limits to how long you can use testosterone boosters?
I’m 50 years old and my test levels are low. Its effecting my life all around and i need help. I want to take something natural to help boost them up
You can use testosterone boosters 16 weeks or so at a time, I like n2generate 5 caps ed for 16 weeks
16-20 weeks I would say with a legit test booster like n2generate
If you can't get your testosterone to acceptable levels using natural methods Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is always an option. To get your standard family doctor on board you will need to have to tests in a row with testosterone under 300 maybe even lower. This might not be due to their lack of desire to help though, it could just be the requirements of your insurance company. If your willing to pay out of pocket though you can find online doctors that are more willing to work with slightly higher numbers and restore testosterone to more youthful levels.

I'd stay away from creams and topicals. I've heard the pellet works for some, but the best is self injections at least 1 time a week, but ideally 2 times a week.
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