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Sustanon at 19 years old?

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Hi everyone,

Im entertaining starting my first cycle. I have done plenty of research and have been prepping myself for this is over the last year. I train 5 days a week, eat plenty, and know I will be eating plenty more. I am 5'11", 175 lbs (the curse of chicken legs). A cousin of mine is much older then me, 33 or so, and has been on varying juice over the years. He has been talking with me (not trying to persuade me, just talking with me) about what I would need to take and for how long. What he would is for me to take 250mg of sustanon per week for 10 weeks. Personally I would prefer 8 weeks, because I go back to school 9 weeks from now and dont want to be on when I get back in the classroom.

Another concern I have, is I am in a fraternity. I am not a huge drinker, but I do enjoy indulging in a few drinks every once and a while. I never get "wasted" or "black out". But getting a little buzz going once and a while on the weekends, once a month or so, isnt an unusual behavior for me.

Ultimately, I want to cycle on because I feel that I have reached my maximum genetic potential for this current time, but I may grow more over the next couple years. I will be 20 in October. Any advice would be appreciated, but ultimately I just want to put on some size and gain some strength, I took 30mg cilexa anti depressants per day when I was 16 (dark time in my life, please dont ask). And as I came off of the pills, my libido was crushed and I never quite felt as good as I did back then. Im not implying that I have low test, but I do believe my levels were significantly higher prior to those pills. Any advice would be appreciated. sorry for the long rant, but I'd rather be safe then sorry. Thanks everyone.
19 is way young!
Don't cheat ur natural gains those are the ones that will stick and build ur foundation u have plenty of natural hormones that are well balanced to build
Look at my meal plan for guys that say they can't gain weight that's the title of it it's about plan follow that for about four weeks and let me know if you gained any weight
First off, your body hasn't even peaked. You need to train and eat. Also, we don't give advice 19 years olds for AAS
Don't Cheat yourself your body has plenty of developing naturally don't go and mess it up it will only haunt you later in life.
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