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Sr 9009 + aicar log, raloxifene question


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I just started a cycle of sr 9009 at 20mg/ed and aicar at 10mg/ed. Im doing this to drop some bodyfat. It has been 5 days now that i take one sr9009 at the morning and one sr9009 10mg + one aicar 10mg pre workout. I find that the sr9009 is a bit psychoactive, it may be just a normal side effect of an increased endurance but i see cutting the lawn differently now, like theres no effort to make the decision that its time to do it. I did not get any strengh increase yet but my training pattern at the gym naturally changed, i take like 75% less rest time. I train mostly in superset fashion now because even after a heavy set i feel i did not push enough so i jump on another muscle group for another power set.
When i did cardio the first 4 days i got a bit deceived because i would feel pain in my legs at about the same intensity it would do normally, did 15 min cardio in high intensity interval fashion. Today i decided to do old fashion steady cardio, i finally saw the potential of the product, after the initial burn, when the second wind kicks in, it feels like the exercice is not demanding anymore, my performance was off the charts compared to one week ago. I dont really have way to mesure my outpout other than the cal/hour gauge on the machine, anyway it averaged 1200 today compared to 850 last week, i lasted 50 minute compared to 30. Since the sr 9009 seems to take effect in type 1 & type 2a muscle fibers, i think i will change my training for a 8 sets of 8 reps low rest gironda style for the upcoming weeks (i was currently in a strengh phase). I will post my log here since i find there arent a lot to consult at the moment. I dropped 2 pounds i might just be water weight variation, 168 pounds today.

About me : im french, the writing might show. I have been training for over 10 years and i did one winstrol only cycle 4 years ago. I will post a pic so we can compare when im done with that cycle.

Question : i also have some raloxifene here that i bought to reduce an existing gyno that i have since i was a huge kid, is it safe to run it at the same time ?
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