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  • Did you know that many compounds people believe are SARMS are not actually SARMS?
  • Did you know SARMS can give you steroid-like benefits without the side effects?
  • Did you know SARMS are being developed for medical purposes like muscle wasting and osteoporosis?
  • Did you know SARMS are banned by the Olympic committee because of their performance enhancing potential?
  • Did you know the market is full of FAKE sarms?
  • Did you know that tablet sarms are mostly prohormones made by scammers?

If you are surprised, don't be, many fellow EF bodybuilders don't know this information. That is why we are here. A new article about SARMS has just been cleared off my desk to the editor and published. This article discusses the basics and how-tos of SARMS. It compares sarms to steroids and gives you an idea of what sarms really are.

For new EF users, this will be a great guide for you to follow: (read below)
Great, very in-depth article George.

For all the members on the board who are new to SARMS, remember that SARMS can only be legally sold as a research chemical liquid. Any capsulated SARMS product is most likely going to be fake or laced with a pro-hormone. I am not exaggerating when I say that every single day someone comes on the board and creates a thread asking for help because they are experiencing side effects from using capsulated SARMS.

Remember to always purchase SARMS as a research chemical liquid. The SARMS source most of us on the board use is
SARMS are fantastic compounds. I really like using them moderately in PCT and as a bridge between cycles. Really helps keep gains and even progress while on PCT.
Please show me the actual human trials with Sarms that demonstrate that they have no side affects?

While yes SARMs were developed to help with muscle wasting and osteoporosis, show me a human trial report in which any have demonstrated these capabilities.

SARMs have been around for over 25 years and have yet to make it to a single human trial, why is that? If a drug company could prove LDG or Rad was perfectly safe without side effects to the FDA they could sell it on the open market as a dietary supplement and make billions compared to all the fake stuff sold for weight loss every day, it would be a god send to a pharmacy company to prove this and get it patented and FDA approved. What aren't they telling us?
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