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Sarms and protein changes

I’m getting ready to try my first sarms cycle
I ordered lgd4033 and want to run 2 bottles 10-20mgs a day
Also want to try gw501516 20mgs a day
Looking to use sarms with protein intake though. Want to increase it to 2x my body weight
I’m currently 210 pounds, so getting it up to 430 grams of protein seem hard. Would I be okay sticking to 300 g of protein a day or do I need to increase it that much
I’m 23 years old and training for 2 years
bro 300-350 grams a day is plenty get it from as much real food as poss
That is an older school way of thinking in regards to needing absurd amounts of protein.. its just like anything else where too much of something can be counterproductive... At 300 grams per day, you would be getting plenty!
As many others have pointed out, there is a misconception about the amounts of protein that you need and 2 pounds per pound of body weight is not necessary
You don’t need that much protein and only use our forum approved sponsored sources like and umbrella labs!
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