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Problems sleeping on gear

I'm an older guy. So I've had a lot of issues over the years. What I found is the more aggressive the cycle, the more issues I have with sleeping also, diet training cardio, all has a connection to it.
You definitely should consider putting up a log. It is mandatory to get the best help without it. How are we supposed to give you the best advice?
Log your journey every day.. This way we can track her side effects and you can track your sleep. Check the other logs people are posting every day. How much sleep they are getting. It's awesome.
The next step for you is definitely going to be putting up a log but also I will be getting some blood work done and I'll be testing your blood sugar and blood pressure.
I've already done three or four logs on here. It has been a big help to everybody on the forums to see what a person is doing to learn from it.
You need to balance, both your body and your mind. I think a daily log in nightly meditation will help.
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