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Problems sleeping on gear

Hi everybody!

Started last week new cycle which is:

- ~400mg test e / week
- 30mg tbol / day

I started experiencing sleeping problems pretty much the day after first injection. This isn't my first cycle btw but it's been many many years from last cycle and can't recall if I did have sleeping problems then also. This was something like 8 years ago. I noticed effects of roids pretty much from day 2-3, more pumped / buffed look, better pumps on gym.. and ofc the sleeping problem. I wear fitness watch and can confirm from it that my sleeping has gotten worse. Also my heart rate is elevated, but I think that's normal (on cycle). I have arimidex on hand and have read that sleeping problems on gear might be due to elevated estrogen levels. I haven't taken blood tests just yet because I'm still so early on cycle. I was thinking of starting to take .025 (one quarter) on Monday and Thursday and see if that helps my sleeping.

My question is that does this sound familiar to anyone else? Did taking adex help you sleep better on cycle?
can try and back the dose down
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