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Primobolan or equipoise with test?

500mgs primo with 200mgs test I would stack that too with some n2guard
I personally prefer Primo over EQ. However, I believe both impact Estrogen with Primo reducing (or perhaps binding to E2) and with EQ, converting estrogen to Estradiol (this has been reflected in my bloodwork running both compounds). Thus, you may want to consider this (and ALWAYS get bloodwork) and adjust Testosterone base to ensure adequate E2 levels or risk drying out your joints and potentially impacting cardiovascular health more than necessary.
I want to keep my next cycle pretty simple and I need your help with some advice
I'm 52 years old been doing steroids for about 15 years but my goals have changed now I'm all about being lean and building lean quality muscle mass instead of being so big as I used to be
I’m 6’1’’ and 85kg and 16% body fat.
if you have to choose between equipoise or Primobolan with testosterone which would you do?

I hate to say this, but at 6'1" and 85 kg (approximately 187 lbs) you really are not that big. I'm a shorter guy at 5'6" and fill out nicely at 190 to 200 lbs.
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