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positive tren experiences

Had two different experiences with Tren.

1st time I was taking about 80 mg of Tren ace every other day with 150 mg of test cypionate two times a week, 10 week cycle. This experience I felt great, made major gains and got really shredded. I was horny 24/7 for the entire cycle.

2nd time I did 150 mg Tren Ace every other day and 250 mg of Test cypionate 2 times a week. Planned a 12 week cycle, but stopped at 8 weeks. I felt like a dump truck the whole time. Gained about 10 lbs of fat and my weights barely went up. I lost all interest in sex.

1st cycle my blood levels all looked great with Test through the roof and estrogen levels well under control. Second cycle my test levels barely went up compared to my TRT, but estrogen skyrocketed and I had to take way to many AI's just to keep estrogen in check.

Diets were the same on both cycles, workouts were pretty similar, the only thing significantly different was the provider. I won't supply provider names as I would get burnt on the board as the second time I got my gear through a board sponsor. Since that experience I went back to original provider and have had good results.
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