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I dont drink much either...i cant handle the hangovers anymore..
really, why don't you drink.

see that is just it, i enjoy it too. wtf happen to me, I always enjoyed going out with wife at night, and still do. but kids keep us home

For a number of reasons...mainly because I believe it is a poor example for my son, I don't like feeling like shit, and I dont even really care for the taste. I will still have a few drinks a couple times a year socially but that's about it.

I would much rather stay home with my wife and son than go out.
I used to party a lot tho...actually to the point I went in to the doc for a check up and they did blood work. When I got the labs back the lab had wrote on the report "no more party drinks" because my liver function taste was 5x the normal limit.

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