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are we losers

it is friday and we are sitting on a chat board

but hey, beats drinking and feeling like shit tomorrow

atleast I tell myself that
kids change things bro. I love them and wouldn't trade them, but damn i didn't think life would change this much
looks like your in our shoes too plank, there is like six of us on this damn site
ya tell me about it...i was married for 4 years and with someone for 9....had 2 im a useless POS LOLOLOOL
lol, atleast you go boating and pics of gf to share with us
Haha...I don't drink. I enjoy hangin out on the couch watchin tv while trollin ef on my iPad.

really, why don't you drink.

see that is just it, i enjoy it too. wtf happen to me, I always enjoyed going out with wife at night, and still do. but kids keep us home
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