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Partial pec tear AGAIN !


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Well put me back on the shelf. My pec has torn again. Not as bad this time. I have not gotten the full report from the MRI but the doc is saying I have damaged the 'musculotendinous junction' where the tendon connects to the muscle. Same thing that happend last time without pulling the tendon off the bone on the other end.

SO we'll see what happens, there is really no surgical repair for this area. I'll be heading back to UF for more tests so you guys have fun.

Damn BPP...sorry to hear that bro. Hope you weren't mid cycle or anything. Good luck rehabbing.

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I wish you a speedy recovery. I torn my bicep three years ago, and know what you are going through. Good luck with rehab!
sorrry to here of your miss fortune..Hopefully when the pain level drops you will at least be able to work legs
You're in my thoughts, bro, just accept it, do the correct rehab, etc., so that it won't happen again...LIFE'S A TRACK MEET, SO THERE WILL BE HURDLES! Best of luck to ya', thanks for all the intelligent responses you give people, too!

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