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~ The Chronicles of Tommy ~

This is Tommy, let me tell you a little something about Tommy..
You see that gal in the back? Yeah, that's Suzy, Suzy thinks Tommy is a loser..
Tommy is a loser, do you wanna know why?
Because Tommy fuck this special night up..

Tommy knew that his nerves would get the better of him, and his disco stick might fail.
Tommy, Valentines day comes once a year and you ruined everything..
The shaft of delight killed the night..
Tommy seen a Viagrax & Cialix at but didn't jump on the opportunity, for that,
Suzy isn't jumping on her opportunity nor Tommy's weeping Tom, because there is none..

Don't be a loser like Tommy..

This is Ricky, Ricky has been "smashing" Suzy for the past 4 hrs.. Do you know why?
Because Ricky is a stud, in fact Ricky is a customer of, he's not a loser like Tommy..


Be like Ricky, Ricky uses PSL ~

(click below unlike Tommy)[/FONT]

Viagrax or Cialix Get it before V-day! HERE

PT141 33% OFF PLUS 10% off using BTC (local service)

PT141 33% OFF PLUS 10% off using BTC (local service)

BPC157 is a synthetic peptide (containing 15 aminoacids) with a potent regeneration and healing properties.
Highly efficient in regeneration and healing the whole body by eliminating all kinds of toxins
also efficiently enhances and improves body regeneration processes.
BPC157is a great solution for regeneration and healing inflammatory conditions caused by injuries,over-training and pushed through muscles bones and joints.
Research has proven thatBPC157heals stomach ulcers,digestive system disorders,also all kinds of inflammatory conditions in the whole body.
It's a great enhancer and speed up agent for healing and regeneration of the bone system and joints.
BPC157has also proven to be a great agent for growth and regeneration of blood vessels.
BPC157 - DOSAGE: 200 - 250mcg twice a day (until symptoms/conditions are cured)

OXYTOCIN 33% OFF PLUS 10% off using BTC (local service)

OXYTOCIN 33% OFF PLUS 10% off using BTC (local service)
This hormone produced naturally in the human organism (produced by the hypothalamus and released in the hypophysis)
OXYTOCINis a nanopeptide (containing 9 aminoacids) acting as a neuromodulator in the brain.
(for women it's a hormone that helps out during labor and after labor condition as well as lactation processes,
in general it's known as the sexual reproduction hormone)
OXYTOCINis being released in the brain during orgasm kissing,hugging loved ones even during friendly handshake It generally increases mood and mental well being ,
trust and overall social abilities (especially for people with social behavior disorders)
OXYTOCIN acts a the brain neurotransmitter improving/fixing social conditions and/or disorders
(improves conditions for pair bonding and social groups belonging aspects)


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