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Ostarine Sarms MK-2866 log!!!!


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I've been itching to try this for a while now. I originally intended on running this post pct for my upcoming cycle. I had to put the cycle off until winter, so this gives me a perfect opportunity to test this bad boy out on its own. I really liked S4 and I look forward to comparing the two.

I'm about to order the sarms now, so my log will officially start when it arrives. Likely the first of next week. I'm just so damn excited I had to make the thread early :D

Big shout out to SARMS SEARCH.COM. We are lucky to have them sponsor our online community :) Check them out.
I came home today to a nice surprise. My osta was in the mailbox. Really sarms search? Two days?? That's super fast! Haha

Well, the plan was to start Monday, but since it showed up so fast I couldn't help myself. 25mg down the hatch just a few minutes ago with my preworkout. I have to say, osta tastes just like model glue ;)

I'll post up some more info after my workout.
I had a great workout today. I killed it actually :D

I know it's not the osta yet. Maybe a little placebo haha

I'm trying to decide just how I'm going to dose this. I'm thinking about front loading with 25mg for two weeks then running 12.5 until the bottle is gone. Thoughts?
Send me the bottle, Ill log this for you instead, I dont want you to hurt yourself, plus $150 is still a nicely stinging price tag for some sarms lol, so Ill take the free way! *waits by mailbox*....ok send it on over...

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